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Endcycle#5677 discord ban appeal
My IRC/Discord Username: [Endcyle#5677]
Date and time of the ban: [think sometime around fathers day]
Who banned me: [popecrunch]
Message given in the kick, if present [unknown]
Summary of events leading up to the ban: [I was banned over a bad real life situation that is now under control it was toxic to talk about in chat ]
Why I should be unbanned: [I just want to talk to my friends again I been working on my situation in real life and will not bring it in the chat room I'm sorry at the time I.was emotional and out of control my life was falling apart but I'm working on it and I feel like I'm safe to reenter the chat]
It's a bummer that you didn't get the message I sent at the time of the ban because it was some information about crisis resources and the like. You said you're working on your life situation and you gave some specifics to another admin that sounded good, so I'm gonna go ahead and lift this ban. In the future, please keep in mind that we are not and can never be a crisis resource - if you're in some life shit, and you need a place to talk, this post in the general discussion forum is a repository of some resources and myself and other admins may be able to find other resources for you if those aren't suitable. I'm gonna lift this ban, try and come in about two minutes after you see this poast. I'm glad things are working better for you!

edit to add: ban lifted

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