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!READ ME! Game Ban Appeal Format
Please make sure your post contains the following information:

Thread Title Format: 
your_username banned by banning_admin

Thread Body Format: 

Who banned you?: - Type "Unknown if you're unsure". Put the name of the admin who banned you somewhere in the thread's title too.
Byond Key: - This is the username you log in to or the byond app with.
Discord Username: - If you are a member, your username on discord, e.g. Spacebee#0591
Date of Ban: - When did it happen? A guess is okay if it was a while back or you don't remember exactly.
Specified Reason for Ban: - Please copy and paste the ban reason given.
Ban Length: - How long is it for? If this is 24 hours or less, you should just wait it out or write in Admin Feedback instead if you want to contest the ban. If it's a permanent ban you should wait a month, unless the ban reason tells you to come here to appeal.
What led to the ban?: - Give us whatever detail you can on the events leading up to the ban.
Why am I appealing?: - Why do you want to return?
Which rule did you break?: - Read the rules at and tell us which ones were broken.
Evasion Attempts: - Did you try to get around the ban at all? Also, if you use a virtual machine or VPN, this is the time to tell us.

Copying and pasting some advice from the previous ban template thread, which accidentally got hard-deleted. Has been slightly updated to reflect that we use Discord over than IRC now.

BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR APPEAL - Think carefully about what you are going to write! This isn't as simple as post thread -> get unbanned. You are writing an appeal. You are appealing to the admin staff's sense of fair play. If your appeal boils down to 'I'm sorry I got caught' or 'I didn't realize you have an arbitrary rule against something I think is perfectly fine', your appeal isn't going to go as well as an appeal that boils down to 'I thought about the rules, I think I understand now why you guys think they are so important, now that I understand the rule, I won't break it again'. Be polite, be thoughtful, and keep in mind that you broke rules which are in place for a reason. If you are having trouble understanding the reasoning behind a rule, feel free to drop by Discord and ask around. We don't want sucking up - we want a change in behaviour.  

DON'T LIE - We have a tremendous amount of logging capability and in all but extreme cases can tell exactly what went on. This includes trying to log in with different keys, on different computers and all the usual ban evasion bits that go with it. If caught lying to us, it is likely the terms of your ban will change.

DO NOT APPEAL PERMABANS WITHIN A MONTH UNLESS THEY SAY OTHERWISE - Unless your ban reason specifically says something like "please make an appeal on the forums", do not appeal your permaban until a month has passed.
Reminder, from rule 13:

If you DO get banned, and you want to not be banned, please visit the ban appeals forum. Please read ALL the sticky threads before posting your appeal - they contain important information you will absolutely need! Do not private message or ping admins about your ban.
As of today, we're enacting an additional policy that forbids appealing bans lasting day or less:

DO NOT APPEAL BANS LASTING 24 HOURS OR LESS - If an admin banned you for a day or less time than that, they likely wanted you to heed the warning and take a timeout. Besides, the appeal process often takes more than 24 hours anyways. If you want to debate the context of the ban or feel it was unfair, you'd likely be better off creating a post in Admin Feedback than making an appeal.

This has a weird history, by the way. It's not quite new; we had this policy way back in 2012, at least. At the same time, it's not really re-introducing an old policy. That would imply that at some point, the admin team repealed the policy, and now we've reversed that decision and bought it back. In reality, the post describing the policy accidentally got deleted like a year ago, but we didn't realize that until this month, and during that time, some admins still remembered it but weren't sure if it was a real thing, since, well, there wasn't any documentation on it. Recently, and really most importantly, we decided to formally settle the matter with a vote.

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