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'Genetics Moments' - Images of Genetics not giving a shit
[Image: 25MXwDh.png]
Hey, one of them actually moved away from the console, that's incredibly attentive by geneticist standards.
During a event on RP.

[Image: aH4rnhi.png]
I got some images from a round about a month or two ago.

1: Relatively peaceful looking situation, genenerds have had their console power turned off by the AI.
[Image: YCbMpNf.png]

2: So much for that peace, the reason why the AI has turned off genetics power, spent about two minutes arguing with the genenerds to get them to do something.
[Image: POPuvnu.png]

3: Bonus image, even the nukies forgot their own nuke!
[Image: 42uM1Nl.png]
I was the AI that round. Lol I announced they were doing nothing and got permission on command to turn the apc off. I meant to screencap that round and I am glad you did
(09-30-2020, 08:38 PM)Drago156 Wrote: 3: Bonus image, even the nukies forgot their own nuke!

hahaha I remember that shift and I also see my ghost hovering near yours
I love the tranq rifle
Competition from science! (It's not Keegan, someone stole his hat from his body)

[Image: i7pvmY0.png]
I mean. If hes really lucky he could find an artifact bomb and nuke the blob from the station with it.
If he pops that tank on his back he can leave out through the ejector chute in podbay.

[Image: RF2UkrY.png?1]

These guys had rad resist so during a rad storm they let like three people die in genetics cause they wouldn't even leave their computer to open the door to genetics.  I disassembled their scanners and they did not notice me doing the six step process it takes to do it.  The one on the left finally left to get a tool to fix his scanner when I disassembled it.

(I bolted the door to maint open after this so no one would get stranded in there again)
I remember that round! Woulda been nice to have Rad resistance, ended up dying in disposals because I got caught by the radstorm while robbing the bridge.
robotics got macrobombed at 4 minutes

genetics didnt care

[Image: TsdPQ4a.png]
[Image: TsdPQ4a.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
I bet he's still on the wiki waiting for his points to regenerate even to this very day
A Hero Emerges

[Image: laK6RwN.png]

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