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Please do not post in other people's appeal threads!
Hi! We used to have a sticky thread saying this, but it's gone somewhere and I don't know where.  So:

Do not post in other people's appeal threads unless one of the following things is true.
- You are a member of the administration team.
- You personally witnessed something about the events or round being discussed, and your post would add some information to this discussion, and what you are posting has not already been discussed.
- A member of the administration team has asked you to post.
- A member of the administration has declared the thread 'open season'. This is rare, and will be very obviously announced. If you're not 100% certain the thread has been declared open season, it probably hasn't and you shouldn't post unless your post satisfies one of the other requirements.

No, really, absolutely do not post in other people's appeal threads if this is what you want to post.
- "I know this person from elsewhere or are familiar with them from other rounds and this is [absolutely | absolutely not] something they would do."
- "This person is a big jerk!"
- "Hey what about [completely unrelated issue], you banned this poor sap for this little thing but [completely unrelated person] gets away with [who cares]? Rude."

Breaking any of these guidelines could end up with side effects including, but not limited to:
- your post being edited to something rude
- your post being deleted
- your forums account getting a rude avatar
- you getting yelled at
- your forums account getting banned
- cardiac abscondment

Don't do it!

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