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Cthucky/Mouse's HoS Application
Usual character name:  Mouse Fitzgerald (in addition, I'm Tricky as a Clown, Mr. Chimpers as a Test Subject, and defective clown/defective mime as a Mime in case people have any positive or negative experiences with me under those names.)
BYOND username:  Cthucky
Discord username (if you are on our discord):  N/A, although I probably ought to join one of these days
Recommended by (if applicable):  N/A
Goon servers you play:  Goon2 or whatever it's called now.  The one that isn't the roleplay server.

Reason for application:  Oh boy.  In part, the reason I'm applying is the major reason I started playing security again - frustration with bad security officers and the feeling that I could help improve the situation by setting an example or talking with/dealing with officers who are being shitty.  (I also figured that by taking a security slot I could potentially prevent someone who was going to take it to grief from being able to take it, but that's not really relevant to HoS.) 

Another reason, at least when I started contemplating applying, was that no HoSes were ever really on.  I assume they just burned out.  This was fine until the latest streamertide, where we suddenly got a whole bunch of new people on, including the inevitable "sign up as security first round and grief" people.  The population was much higher, bad security was more common, and often I was the only remotely experienced officer on.  At that point, I started considering applying for HoS not because I felt I was qualified (I felt I wasn't!) but because we needed HoSes on and, out of all the people who were regularly playing security, I had some of the most experience.

The event that took me from just entertaining the idea to actually being serious about the application wasn't even when I was playing as security.  I was a doctor.  I called someone an idiot for cloning a puritan, in a moment of frustration and exasperation.  It was not the right thing to do.  After round end, the person mentioned it, I apologized, and they said that it particularly hurt because they respected me, or looked up to me, or something along those lines.  It was then that I finally actually understood that hey, maybe playing a game nearly daily for well over a year gets people to remember who you are.  And maybe, if you're not a dick, they remember you in a positive way.  I know it seems kind of silly written out like that, but it really was something that just never clicked in my head.

Also, I'm probably the only person to ever be told by an admin, while playing security, that I should have set the mime on fire earlier*.

Security experience (300 word minimum):  While I've been playing SS13 for a decent period of time (since January 2019), I haven't played as security for that whole time.  I don't recall when I first turned it on (I remember I had detective on at least during the Ssethtide, but I'm not sure if I had secoff enabled at that point), but it was probably at least a month.  Eventually I got tired of the responsibility and rolling it constantly and turned it (along with most roles, honestly) off.  That was around late 2019 I believe.  Eventually, as I mentioned before, I turned it back on at some point in 2020, I believe a bit after the release of Kondaru although I had been latejoining as security for a some time before actually enabling it in preferences again.  That's what I remember best, so that's what I'm mostly going to talk about.

Since turning it back on, I didn't really do much to distinguish myself at first.  I don't think I was horrible, but I don't think I was really all that good.  I was mostly just there.  But we started getting HoS signups on fewer and fewer rounds, and I found myself the most senior security officer around more and more often.  I found myself taking charge, giving orders to my fellow officers, stopping them when they were abusive, and trying to resolve conflicts between them and the crew.  Sometimes the officers even listened.  At times the captain or other heads would tell newer security officers to do something I didn't think security should have been doing, and I would vehemently tell everyone that no, we weren't arresting and executing this staffie for being rude.  No, we're not authorizing the armory just so you can run around with cool guns.  I found myself acting as the head of security, only without the access or the snazzy clothes.  (except for that one round someone packet nerded the HoS locker open)  As I got used to that, I started being the person who would take up the jacket and beret when he had an HoS but they suicided or ended up permadead.  I was never quite sure I actually made them proud, but I asked a few times and they had no complaints at least.

One thing I've tried to do consistently, even before my hiatus from all jobs with responsibility, is to apply the law fairly and reasonably.  If I arrest someone with traitor gear, weapons and other dangerous things go into the confiscated items locker.  Syndie donk pockets?  Advanced thermals?  You can get them back when you're released.  As much as I'd like to carry around the donk pockets for myself, they aren't mine.  In general, if an item is dangerous enough to be confiscated from a civilian, it's too dangerous for security to use unless it's absolutely necessary.  I've tried to avoid lethal force when stunning and cuffing is an option, a decision that has cost me a few times.  But honestly, I'd willing to die if it means I don't kill an innocent.  Way I see it, if you want to play the hero then you actually have to play the hero.  That doesn't mean I'm not willing to kill antags - I just try to keep it an option of last resort.

If someone calls me "shitsec", I try to take a look at my behavior to see if I crossed a line.  I even wrote an ahelp on myself once because, after some thinking, I decided I may have gone too far.  The moment was a bit spoiled when I happened to ask what happened to that person right before I was going to hit submit and learned that they got gibsharked, but if it weren't for that idle curiosity I would have seriously ahelped myself.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
Don't look for reasons to arrest people.  Instead, look for reasons not to arrest people.  If someone pings a security scanner, try asking them about the contraband instead of immediately tasing, cuffing, and searching.  Never remove a prisoner's headset unless they're a confirmed nuclear operative, and frankly you probably don't need to do that then either.  Resist the temptation to make an armored paramedic suit.  Medbay is your best friend, and a doctor that can take a bullet is going to be far more helpful than the additional bullet resistance.  Resist the temptation to use traitor gear unless absolutely necessary.  If someone asks you why you're arresting someone, tell them.  Not saying anything is suspicious as hell.  Never remove a prisoner's headset.  The captain can be an antagonist, and if they're running around shooting people they almost certainly are!  Always remember to set the brig timer, although in many cases simple confiscation of contraband takes long enough that you don't have to even bother with the brig.  Never remove a prisoner's headset.  If someone suplexes you, suplex them back and tell them to knock it off.  Don't beat them to death.  In fact, avoid beating anyone to death unless absolutely necessary.  You have a stun baton and cuffs for a reason.  Never remove a prisoner's headset.  Never remove a prisoner's headset.  NEVER FUCKING REMOVE A PRISONER'S HEADSET, CHRIST WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!

Less tersely, it is incredibly important to talk to the crew and get to know them.  If the crew doesn't trust you, you can't do your job effectively.  If you don't trust the crew, then they're not going to trust you.  That doesn't mean you should be stupid and just go with whatever you were told last, but don't automatically assume someone is evil.

In general, it's a good idea to tailor your competence to the real or perceived competence of the antags.  This isn't just advice to security, by the way, it's a good thing to keep in mind for everyone.  There's a lot of ways to take someone down quickly and with few if any counters, but unless that's the only option left then you probably shouldn't use them.  If you're dealing with an obviously new antag who just isn't that good but they're trying, damn it, feel free to be more merciful.  Feel free to make a few mistakes to give them a bit of a chance.
If someone is willing to put the effort into making a plausible excuse as to why they have contraband or are doing something antagonistic, then unless they're actively killing or maiming people it's polite to fall for it, at least at first.  Even if you know for a fact their excuse is a lie.  While not necessary, it's completely appropriate to be extra gullible when it comes to the clown, particularly if their excuse is creative and thoroughly implausible.

While you don't have to be completely reactive (some antags, like nukies, blobs, and lings need to be confronted immediately due to how dangerous they can be, and some traitor items are dangerous enough that the only way you're taking someone who has them down is through mass casualties or getting the drop on them), it's perfectly appropriate to not immediately arrest someone for having visible traitor gear and instead wait for them to use it.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
It's hard to pick a favorite, or even narrow it down, but one relatively recent moment I rather enjoyed was noticing a cuffed prisoner holding their breath, screaming to the nearby security and head of personnel to run the fuck away, and having my suspicions be validated when the microbomb gamble worked.  Sure, I was out of the round permanently because I stupidly left my disk in my backpack, but I saved some people and went out in style.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
It's been mentioned before, but even a brief timegate on security would prevent people from signing up as security their first round while being totally new and not even knowing controls, whereupon they may leave out of frustration and suddenly half of security is braindead in or around arrivals.  It'll also help deal with people who know the controls but are joining just to grief, or people who are genuinely interested in playing security but don't really know the rules or culture of the server.

Also let us clip our badges to our exosuit so we can be recognizable as security if we decide to use the different jumpsuits/helmets
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
Prioritization and building up trust and camaraderie with the crew is much more important with solosec (not to say it isn't incredibly important with a full sec team).  To protect and serve the crew as best as possible as solosec may end up requiring you to let things slide that normally you'd go after someone for, or interrupting an arrest in progress to deal with a much bigger situation.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Draw a picture!
[Image: J9Fjvek.png]
I was gonna try to make the uniforms red but then I realized I had no artistic talent whatsoever.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):  None.  I've been Talked To by admins a few times, often for killing someone I thought was an antag who turned out not to be, and those should be considered as a mark against me.  That said the only time I recall an admin talking to me over my behavior as a security officer was rapidly resolved in my favor and was certainly something.

*I was not the one who set the mime on fire, damn it.  That was the wizard.
Drawn picture is actually poorly edited previously drawn picture, never make HoS. Shame.

In all seriousness, my memory isn't the best, but I think I remember mostly positive from the Mouse before I moved to the RP server. The App seems pretty solid as well. And I agree with...I dunno, 98% of it? (I take headsets if someone who has their headset is trying to get the crew to turn against security while they're in the brig. Not because it might work (if you're doing your job properly, it won't), but because it gets really annoying really quick, and no one wants to hear it. Give it back though of course.)

Mentioning being talked to by the admins is unnecessary, but very transparent, and shouldn't be considered something against you as long as you learn from it.

+1 from me.
I remember Mouse was a good secoff on top of being a helpful person in other realms. +1

taking headsets is wrong unless its someone screaming their head off and spamming the radio with really unneeded things.
I have personally seen Mouse grow as a better player and competent security officer since they started and I think they are more ready for HoS than they think they are. Seeing Mouse as sec is often a relief to me when I'm HoS and not when I'm antag, because I know Mouse is a good security officer who knows how to rope in the baddies and makes a solid sec.

I say yes, beret this nerd. Since Tomatotide started main has seen a noticeable increase in pop and shitters, and having another person to keep things straight on the station with the ability to effectively lead a team and keep the station safe is definitely something I would say Goon needs now more than ever. +1
Mouse is a good security officer and goon would be lesser without him. +1
Mouse is a good fella and a good secoff, never had any negative interactions with him, and he always seemed to be a competent cop to me
Mouse is a good officer. I'm always happy to see him when I roll secoff.
Good security interactions from what I remember. Treats Borg well even when rogued. +1 they can has hat
I'm the least qualified person when it comes to opinions on security but I'd trust Mouse with the beret. +1
A good sec teammate and a delight to torment when a baddie - I'd definitely trust him to keep the squad in line. +1
Mouse is a reponsible and helpful officer. I've seen them helping other newer players during the recent influx. +1
Playin sec recently has been a pretty tough gig and its a relief when mouse is there. Even if he gets real tilted sometimes

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