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Burtyu Discord Ban Appeal
My IRC/Discord Username: W.O #6161
Date and time of the ban: About a month in a half. 
Who banned me: Unknown.
Message was given in the kick, if present: Not stated, but I assumed what it was: me saying a homophobic slur: f**
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I admit I got into a stupid debate over the current events in America, the argument started when I said that all political themes (ie. acab) should be banned. I got in a back-in-forth with another user, it boils down to him spamming Boomer memes and Police Memes. I let the word slip and got instantly banned. I completely understand why and I was foolish for even considering it in my head at the time. 
Why I should be unbanned: I feel my views have changed, I accept the ban reason and I agree with it. It's just, I feel like giving it a shot again, as I can trust myself more not to say slurs and the such. I know the usage is horrible and not needed and it was quite immature, so all I ask is a simple chance.
Sure. Ban lifted.

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