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Complaint Sovexe, Gibbing because I attacked the nuke as crew?
Admin: Sovexe

Server: Goon 2
Date + time: 7/28/20 2:00PM PST
Synopsis: During a nuke round, I had the fortune as Chef to come across a voltron and used it to get behind the nuke's position. I then began to hit it with a chair, but a loot crate suddenly spawned on top of me, gibbing me. When confronted about this, they said that killing the nuke a minute in wasn't cool and that "they didn't expect me to explode."

Extra information: This feels needlessly griefy as I was just doing what the round demanded of me and destroying the nuke as a crewmember.

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You were killed unintentionally in what was already an admin gimmick nuke round. The idea was indeed to harm you, but instead killed you since apparently the crates do enough damage to gib. That said trying to speed run a gimmick round with a voltron is indeed going to invite some grief onto you. Ideally that doesn't end in your being outright dead and for that I do apologize.
sop babys
Apology accepted.

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