Moonlol's mentor application
Usual character name: Edgar Palmer, F.L.O.C.K
BYOND username: Moonlol
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Moonlol#3906
Recommended by (if applicable): adhara, TTerc, tarmunora
Goon servers you play: goon2

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
  I started to play ss13 way back in the summer of 2014 judging by my byond account age. I first late joined goonstation (fishmedal) on december 18th 2014. I first began playing on yogstation as it was the highest pop server at the time. Eventually I moved to tg, this was around the time I began to play goon. I kept ping ponging between these two servers until I stayed on goon. A few months later sometime in 2015, I took a break from ss13. I only came back briefly for a few rounds when oshan launched. In the following years I completely forgot about ss13, only in the late summer of 2019 (around September ish) I remembered about ss13. I decided to pop onto goon for a few rounds, remembering all the fun times I decided to stay.

When I first played the game I tried to learn the game by myself as much as i could, As a result I would often feel really lost in what I was meant to do or how I was supposed to do something. I never used mentorhelp because I feared I would bother someone or that I wouldn't get a response. I didn't use it once until I came back. However with time I managed to grasp the basics of the game, and from there the rest is history. I began  learning the departments with botany, cargo and mining. I found roles like medical doctor harder as there was not any progression. I shied away from scientist due to a lack of direction. Eventually I learned all roles apart from command and security.

I want to become a mentor to make sure new players won't be as lost as I was and also to make sure all their questions are answered. I think it would be good to be able to give back to them, and make sure the godforsaken 6 years of my life I've put into this game do not go to waste.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I'll just leave my +1 and say that Moonlol not being a mentor is a mistake that should be fixed as soon as possible

Tons of knowledge and a great personality overall
The fact that moonlol never put up an app before now is a travesty. Cool nerd who knows their shit +1

But yes Edgar Palmer is a very knowledgeable nerd with proficiency in a lot of areas all around. Definitely purple this nerd.
About dang time. Moonlol is truly excellent both in and out of the game, and I can hardly think of anyone more deserving of the purple badge.

Took you long enough! +1
What will they be bullied in the Discord for next?
+1 About fucking time :P
Making derpy pikachu purple was long overdue.
This is like the star citizen of mentor apps
good app, i am not being held at flock-point to say this :]

jokes aside moonlols good at communicating, and wont abusr the meta privelages. also he knows a bit more than your average noob, so i think he will do fine.
I don't know Moonlol very well outside of discord interactions, but they are always helping people when they can on Discord and contributing a lot of spare time to brainstorms and coding ideas.
didn't put me down as recommendation, you absolute buffoon

Thumbs Up 
yes, good

Also how dare you not include me in the recommendations

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