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Haven't played RP in awhile but I noticed that since Tomato's stream OOC has been consistently disabled on it during rounds, would it have anything to do with the fact that the server is pulling double that of Goon 2?
I believe this was an intentional change a while back. The only OOC usable during rounds by non-admin is LOOC.
Correct. Midround OOC was disabled on GoonRP back in June. The thought process behind this decision was that midround OOC is distracting from roleplay, especially when there are 40+ people on the server, and that the increased number of IC-in-OOC incidents interrupt the flow of the round. LOOC is still enabled for local mentoring, but attempting to use OOC midround will direct you to mentorhelp for gameplay questions.

The PR in question:

My usual experiences with OOC use case in RP was generally peeps saying they were gonna bounce to sleep or sumthin chill like that.
It's the same on my end, but I've only til recently ever played when there were only slightly above single digit numbers.

Right now, it might prove more distracting and potentially rule breaking, especially with the number of people who unintentionally speak OOC in game already.
I can see it being a problem now that there are so many people on, going through the logs to snag rule breakers could be a pain in the ass
Yep. Before tomatide I was against the change, but with tomatide, having OOC on would be disastrous.

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