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Gang on RP
Hey, I dunno if Gang being on the RP1 rotation was an experiment or what, but it's not really working out. The usual gang troubles are all still there, added in that the slower pace of RP means the forced 20 minute autocall means even "good" gang rounds just as they're really getting started.

We've just had 2 gang rounds in a row and it's bummed everyone else something fierce. The captain had to effectively babysit the recall button in an effort to give everyone a decent shift.

I'd personally advocate taking it back out of rotation, it's just not gelling at the moment.

[edit: I cannae spell]
Yea, at the moment, unfortunately, it's just broken, short of a head just... standing there and recalling every couple minutes.  Very, very frustrating for what COULD be a great mode, but the timer is just... borked.
It's definitely not meant to call at the 20 min mark, more the 80 min.
(07-18-2020, 09:27 AM)AlbretEinstrong Wrote: Hey, I dunno if Gang being on the RP1 rotation was an experiment or what...

(07-18-2020, 09:40 AM)Tiggersaurus Wrote: It's definitely not meant to call at the 20 min mark, more the 80 min.

Hey folks,
I made the PR that recently re-added Gang to RP, with some changes specific to RP servers. You can see it here:
A couple things to note:
I was unable to test the changes. As part of the gang game-mode, it auto-restarts the server if not enough players are readied, and I couldn't be assed to corral others.
The initial intention was to leave the PR open and unmerged for maybe a week and receive some feedback on the numbers before merging. Kyle merged it early it early, for I assume testing. So I would call the recent rounds an "experiment".

To any Devs reading this feel free to revert my PR. I don't know if Kyle/a-Dev plans to commit-fix the 1-team 20 minute shuttle call, or they want me to handle it, but this weekend'll be a little busy for me.
Hmm, yeah I didn't know there were such issues there. Unfortunately I haven't been able to monitor how it was working out on the rp server these last couple days as I've been a bit unwell and haven't been on any of the servers much. I've reverted the change now as mark suggested. I forgot about the shuttle auto call, that sounds pretty bad. But if it doesn't work it doesn't work. We can refine and make changes later to address issues. I feel like gang can work out on the rp server, but we gotta fix some of those issues.
Some months ago, we had admins who set up a scenario that emulated what a gang experience on RP should have been. They had to override a few things, but the round actually went rather well.

My point is, gang can be done right on RP, but yeah, a lot of specific things need to be changed in order to do so.
I really want to see Gang done right on RP! We are already missing some of the options for antags, and having more variety is very welcome. I'm definitely willing to work though some growing pains to help it get to a good place!
rest assured it's not an abandoned effort. Kyle and I just have it low on our respective priority lists.

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