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HoS App - xRev
Enough dog piling.

Rev, I am going to close this. Please play until an established HoS or admin suggests you apply for the position. If you're good enough and suitable it'll happen. Do not solicit or ask for this.
Please close this.

The fact that this application has as much posts as this is telling to what folks think of your abilities.

NO. Please no.
I laugh at all of you.

It's okay that my application gets denied by me, but really, the fact that you react so immature is enough for me.
A puppetmaster! my mouth is opening oh no
So far in this application you've been snarky and insulted both Wonkmin and the userbase. This isn't immaturity, this is looting the bar as the ship goes down.
With that attitude though, I don't think you'll get it for a while. Do as Wonk said and wait while doing a good job on the station.
Readster, I have no complaints about you.
So far, you have been criticizing me in a pretty mature way.
Some other, for instance Katznelson, have failed to do this, so I don't take them too seriously.
You don't admit to mistakes, you behave as though our relatively lenient rules don't apply to you and you conduct yourself as an entitled brat.

Is that mature enough for you?
this should probably be locked asap because it's now a bitching war

re-examine your attitude and come back when you actually know all the rules and quirks about gameplay
Wow you got like over a dozen people to deny you. I'm impressed and I think that shows you have potential.
This guy peanut posted in a ban appeal. Shows how well he reads the rules. Best HoS potential ever.
Since nobody has anything useful to say, I request a lock.
a turd, a turd, oh what a turd

never a worse turd has been seen

please god go home, for you are a turd.


Yes please lock this thread,i think the point was made and he was denied.

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