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is RP is good????
Silencio taps his pen on the blank ream of paper idly, his finger tracing spirals against the cheek of his well-worn ivory (though he'd never claim it as such) mask. Suddenly, as if possessed by a spirit, the mime begins to write...

Quote:Même si cela me fait très mal d'accumuler des éloges sur un Suisse, j'ai l'impression que mes pensées valent la peine de me pincer le nez à une odeur aussi fétide et de passer à autre chose.

N'est-il pas vrai que Jung dit que l'inconscience personnelle découle de l'interaction entre l'inconscient collectif et la croissance personnelle?

Grâce au jeu de rôle, bien qu'il puisse s'agir d'un jeu de rôle grossier à bord d'un vaisseau spatial capitaliste, il est possible d'actualiser les personnages que nous jouons - et à travers cela de développer un personnage plus réaliste et flexible qui aide à naviguer dans la société, mais ne se heurte pas ou cacher notre vrai moi.
sorry this is killing me, did you machine translate that?
(09-23-2020, 04:59 AM)warcrimes Wrote: sorry this is killing me, did you machine translate that?

oui :'(
That's fine!
I just needed to know- canadian french syntax is *really* weird so I can't ever be sure if im reading google translate or like, belgian.
I wish I had payed attention in french class
Google translate is just kind of poor sometimes for english -> X translation due to a number of differences between language structure and other things.
Let’s face it, everyone has roleplayed at one point in their life.
Roleplay fucking rocks. Who needs goon1 and goon2, all you need is sylvester (or whatever the lowpop rp server is at the time your reading this)
did you people just revive a post from over a year ago?
After an entire year of this, it needed to be said: RP is still good
It was a year of intense debates to decide if RP is good. And it was concluded to be good.
Yeah probably
RP? Sounds kinda cringe.

sign me up
it's pretty alright
Necropost Part 3: Roleplay or we Riot! Featuring clowns, mimes, and security! Coming to a forum near you!

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