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List of references to movies, series, books and other stuff on Goonstation
Just making this post as an archive of sorts, all the different references that I personally found, obvious and not so obvious. If you've found a reference, feel free to share it below.

A couple of screams are the same sound effects used in the first Command and Conquer game

The sound for airlocks opening is ripped straight from Star Trek
couldn't find a clip

Hyposprays are also from Star Trek,

the voice clips for man eaters and a couple of other mobs are ripped from the 1982 arcade game, Sinistar

cyalume sabers are actually a reference to the anime steins gate, which references star wars

getting drunk on curacao has a chance to force the player to quote lines from Moby Dick and some other nautical stuff

the jacket and hat that are in the crate in the information office is a reference to the game Zybourne Clock, much beloved and ridiculed by Something Awful back in the day

the strange vampire suit from a medal reward is a refernce to JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

the lawgiver is a reference to the iconic firearm used by the main character in the Judge Dredd franchise

the gnome is a Left 4 Dead reference

the laughing sound effect for cluwnes is also from left 4 dead

the way the detectives hat works is a reference to the cartoon Inspector Gadget
sorry its the best source I could find

the glasses the detective gets is a reference to the video game, Heavy Rain

the priest Father Jack on the Space Diner is a reference to the character of the same name from the UK series Father Ted

the BFG is reference to the name of the same gun from the Quake and Doom games

the nukie commander outfit + sword are "inspired" by Commanders from the Warhammer franchise

there's 4 different hats hidden and scattered around different maps. All 4 are references to Mario, Luigi and Wario and Waluigi from the Mario Bro's franchise.
The yeti is from SkiFree.
The medbots will say "Radar! Put a mask on!" from time to time
spiderman is a spiderman reference
Shitty Bill is a reference to Trailer Park Boys

The OC Bible is a reference to the tiny Orange Catholic Bible from Dune

The King In Yellow is a reference to... The King in Yellow

Stunbatons are from Half Life 2, and one of the door hacking beeping sounds is from Half Life 1.

If a clown has Space Madness they start quoting lyrics from the Insane Clown Posse song "Miracles"
the gnome actually originated in half life 2 episode 2
The maneater is a reference to the plant from little shop of horrors, The meth scientist costume is walter white from breaking bad, the nicolas cage mask is a reference to nicolas cage (in the context of biodome, also wicker man)
Changelings as a whole are a reference to John Carpenter's The Thing

Predators are literally predators.

Janitor's Jumpsuit is based off of Roger Wilco from Space Quest

Infiltrator's knife increasing your speed is a counter strike reference

Phasers are based off the phasers from star trek

Guardbuddies/securitrons saying "your move, creep" is a robocop quote (other bot lines might be quotes)

Gamma Ray Exposure mutation is a reference to the hulk
I'm pretty sure the fruit hat is a reference to Carmen Miranda's Ghost.

One of the trench prefabs is quite a direct reference to Percy Shelley's Ozymandias.

The chaplain has literal Adeptus Mechanics robes from Warhammer: 40k in his wardrobe.
On the Warhammer 40k note, I'm fairly sure that the look of borgs created from a borging artefact is based on the appearance of the Necron unit Flayed Ones.
(06-21-2020, 11:42 AM)Carbadox Wrote: the nukie commander outfit + sword are "inspired" by Commanders from the Warhammer franchise

A total coincidence.
The Salesman/merchant gimmick job's coat is a reference to Stan from the Monkey Island games
The image for the vampire medal is broken as the link is dead
updated the link
Interacting with a skull in hand causes the player to speak this message:

"Alas, poor [Skulls Donor/Yorick]! I knew him, [Nearest Humanoid/Horatio], a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy!"

This is a reference to Act 5, Scene 1 of Hamlet.

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