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change how quantum teleporter works
made this bc discord was getting bad - please discuss what you think makes the qt bad/good, how you would/wouldnt change it, keep it civil please
i haven't even played with new QT yet lol, guess it's high time i stopped contributing to the conversation
A lot of people have been saying they really want the numbers indicating distance to target. I think it might help; it could add a sort of mathematical or more precise way.

It seems to me a lot of the frustration comes from trying to approach the QT with triangulation, which is sort of how you'd do it with the old system. But it's not quite triangulation. You aren't looking for where the circumferences of the circles intersect, but rather the areas, like a Venn diagram. So with these in mind, I suggest:
-Turn the circles into a solid color, rather than blue with white outlines. I think this helps subtly clue in the fact you look at intersections of areas rather than outlines.
-Turn the intersections of circles into more contrasting colors. The current system is on the right track, where the intersections are lighter blues than the parts that aren't intersecting; it's sort of genius in a way, I think it might be adding alpha channel values or something. That said, sometimes it's a rather difficult to tell them apart, such as here. One could make the blues contrast more, or perhaps color the intersection white (or other color) once you have two cricles, with each additional circle making it smaller.
I think it's good to note how it currently works. From what I can gather, it essentially takes the distance from the point you clicked to the body tracked, and draws a circle with a radius that is 90-120% of that distance
I get on with the QT really well, fun sitting there getting asteroids for crew. I normally pick a corner and work from there. I would definitely recommend contrasting colours for accessibility though.
I wasn't there for the conversation in discord, but I just wanted to say that I rather enjoy the new QT, especially when compared to the old one. It's not the most interesting thing in the world, but then arguably neither is the rest of the mining system, so I feel like it should probably be part of a greater mining rework or something.

Personally, I would prefer it if rarer ores were more common in z5 rather than having to do the whole mining magnet thing.
Would the issues with it be mostly fixed if the thresholds for the circles were just 100%-120% rather than 90%-120%? That way you can rely on the target being within the circle, at least.

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