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banned by ursulamajor
Who banned you?: ursulamajor
Byond Key: blazikenowen
Date of Ban: I believe last week
Ban Length: permenant
What led to the ban? So it turns out someone decided to let my 10 year old nephew onto my pc which they shouldn't of done he got on byond and into goonstation and apparently decided to say IM A FUCKING CRIPPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND BLACK IM A RETARDED WHEELCHAIR NIGGER IN REAL LIFE" turns out he thought it was funny because of me being disabled with special needs and his friends had taught him saying the N word and claiming hes black is funny to do

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: While I will agree with my account my responsibility during the time this happened I was asleep as I am a rather nocturnal person I would like to be unbanned as I had not done it myself and will make sure this never happens again 

Which rule did you break? 4
Evasion Attempts: I have not attempted to evade the ban

of specified ban I should of probably copy pasted this Reason: Keagan Rosensteel [145.9] says, "IM A FUCKING CRIPPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND BLACK IM A RETARDED WHEELCHAIR NIGGER IN REAL LIFE"

instead of just what was said sorry about that first ban appeal
[Image: oyOTnej.png]

[Image: f2iYV13.png]

[Image: said_it_nothing.png]

[Image: did_a_thing.png]

Apparently your nephew managed to get into your Discord account too!
So let's be clear here.

You are saying:

your 10 year old nephew/cousin got onto your computer at around 8am or so PST, spent about a half hour discussing on the bee discord about how he was going to get banned from goon on purpose, then did so.

[Image: unknown.png]

He then, apparently, logged back on to your discord account around 9 hours later to brag about it again:
[Image: unknown.png]

You are expecting us to believe that this person who talks exactly like you, shares your disappointment that goons don't have many non-human options:
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

And knows enough about ss13 to complain about lizards being hard to kill + complain about being killed on clone... isn't you?

Look, lemme be real with you: I don't actually care whether or not you stay banned. You were clearly ban baiting, so I banned you. You got what you wanted. I'm totally down to unban you on the condition that you follow our rules, including our rules on bigotry and language. It'd be a mild inconvenience at best to ban you again if this ended up being some elaborate ruse to get unbanned so that you can do it again. It's whatever, you know?

But this appeal just smells way, way too strongly of bullshit, dude.

Appeal denied. Sit out another month. If you want to stick to this "my nephew did it" story, then your nephew needs to be the one to make the appeal. But I strongly recommend you drop the story and just own up to this having been you.

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