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Server 2.  Roughly 8 central.  5/5/2020

Was having a fun discussion about what we liked to do as antags when Shotgun Bill pops in and starts asking "how is Randy" ...

Rand Archer, a former player I helped get into the game who died of cancer, as has been mentioned. 

Randy and I at one point had to prove we were different players (even logging in at the same time from different IP's in different cities) ...

I explained to him, Randy is dead.   Explained that I heard from group after the fact (he and I met in a cancer support group)  because we  had lost contact when he started wishing cancer on people.

He says "Ok Randy"

This was out of nowhere, and as I said this was an issue resolved a long time ago.

Stop me if I am wrong, but just randomly bringing up someone's dead friend and dredging shit up out  of nowhere is a pretty bad look for administration. 

Weirder still is I don't know of any animosity between he and I.  I've always treated Bill with respect.

This is the round that started roughly at 8:03 central time

And for the record, the admins who still think I am him. I wasn't banned when he joined. So, if I refused for four years to evade when I was banned, do present your logic why I'd suddenly choose a new name when I wasn't. Tired of this shit. Not the first admin to bring up a troubled dead friend, but I fucking want it to be the last.

Sorry for the language, but it's actually gotten to me.
Fair. My behavior was unprofessional, and I will not make any further comments on this matter again.
Fair enough. Thank you. Water under the bridge.

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