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Afterlife Bar Patrons Should Be able to Speak in Deadchat
You can hear deadchat. But since you can't talk in it, you can't invite more people to the bar when you're in there without leaving.
I'm pretty sure this is already possible by prefixing one's words with :d, unless it somehow broke?
That worked when I used it yesterday ^

Edit: As far as I can remember, nothing really tells you how to do this, except maybe a line on the wiki - maybe include it in the YOU DIED chat message?
Can't the dead already hear afterlife bar chatter simply by virtue of hearing everything?
yeah :d works
I like Sack's idea, make it a message when you enter the bar
+1 to this. I'd like to speak to the dead from bar optionally if possible.
VR dead chat speaks exclusively to the dead. It's frankly unintelligible at times.
They're often screaming wizard spells and you can't even tell who's who.

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