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VEGA#7059 discord ban by unknown.
My IRC/Discord Username: VEGA#7059
Date and time of the ban: No clue, I think around the time when the servers on the hub with slurs on them were being spoofed to the top of the list.
Who banned me: No clue, so unknown.
Message given in the kick, if present Unknown.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: Everyone was going crazy over the shit happening on the hub and saying how it steals info and IPs and stuff and I said jokingly, "imagine playing goon", I believe.
Why I should be unbanned: I had no idea this would get me banned nor did I think it would offend anyone and I apologize if it did, it was meant to be a joke but given the timing I suppose it wasn't the best idea to say during such trying times in the discord. If anyone has any further explanation please bring it forward.
I can't remember why I banned you so I guess I'll unban you now

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