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Goonstation Monthly Contest: May Edition!
Howdy crew!

A picture is worth a thousand words, able to succinctly convey emotions not easily captured through words.
[Image: dIpqmoX.png]

The Admin team is looking to prune some of the less popular emoji from the Discord server and add some new ones to replace them! 
Bearing that in mind, for this month's contest, we're inviting you to submit your best emoji to be added to the Goonstation Discord!

Discord's Emoji Criteria
  • Animated gif emojis can only be used by Discord Nitro users
  • Emoji names must be at least 2 characters long and can only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (e.g shelterbee )
  • Emoji must be under 256 kb in size
  • Discord accepts a max size of 128x128 pixels. However, do note that the files will be resized to 32x32 pixels.
Contest Criteria
  • The Emoji must adhere to the rules of the Discord server.
  • Your submission should be original. You can use sprites and stuff from in-game or take inspiration from it; we just don't want people stealing emoji from other servers and passing it as their own.
  • Submit a name for your emoji.
  • Unlike previous contests, you can submit multiple entries to be voted on. You don't have to mark one as the one you're formally entering into the contest.
Voting will be conducted as usual, and the top five submissions will receive an in-game medal and a Gannets sticker! In addition to that, their emoji will be added to the Goonstation Discord's emoji library!

If you haven't already, we encourage you to join the Goonstation Discord Server! 
It's a great place to chat with your pals and keep up to date with current affairs, including new additions to the Admin Team and our Town Hall events!
If you'd like to provide suggestions or feedback for this or future contests, please feel free to reach out on Discord and let us know! 

The Current Emoji Library

[Image: pcTJtV3.jpg]
[Image: cIwSrNJ.jpg]
[Image: g6ETzYz.jpg]
[Image: Or8CIxo.jpg]
[Image: YA2TWKk.jpg]
I present masterpiece
[Image: aiboye-2.png]
Absolute work of art i know
Shoutout to trerri for helping make it
I present... :sylvester:![Image: jDEf3LQ.gif]
He's kitbash of existing assets because I have no artistic talent myself
He's a turtle! And the HoS's pet!
Introducing Honkers!

[Image: EIXs82a.png]

I wanna make more, prepare for honke

hello my name is carbadox and I do not know how to embed images into forum posts
I've updated some rules in the main post!
  • Straight from the Discord horse's mouth: "For optimal emoji resolution, you can upload them in sizes up to 128x128 pixels, but they will be resized to 32x32 pixels."
  • You can submit multiple entries, and they'll all get voted on. You don't have to choose one as the entry you're actually submitting, unlike past contests.
  • You can use SS13 sprites and take inspiration from SS13 stuff, like with Carbadox and Tarmunora's. We're mainly trying to avoid people taking emotes from other servers and passing it off as theirs, grody.
Oh, and don't forget to clearly indicate what the emoji name is going to be.
[Image: atN3UfI.png]
Discord will auto-resize uploaded emoji as necessary (original file @ AxB -> stored on discord @ 128x128 -> displayed @ 32x32) I believe
[Image: cKpxivN.png]

[Image: DGC8c10.png]
[Image: distressedbee.png]

[Image: f08939a6690b64d2999320d44ce54a93.png]
[Image: imserver.png]

:mentormouse:, in animated and non-animated!
[Image: 716118611747536988.gif?v=1]
[Image: 709513408978092104.png?v=1]

bonus non-entry, :adminmouse:
[Image: 02aTlxk.png]
I originally wasnt gonna post my dumb entry because it is another gat dang bee but here it is in all its glory

:discountbee:, alternatively, :beeboiledinaspic:

128 version

[Image: 5xL6MMU.png]

640 version for your viewing displeasure

[Image: QfkMHfn.png]
Flowey's massive grin wouldn't fit without clipping, so I had to improvise freehand:



[Image: oZ0DbGg.png]

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