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Rue Pierce for clown
Usual Clown name: Random typically, I've yet to settle
BYOND username: QTNeen
Recommended by (if applicable): My inner clown
Goon servers you play: Non-rp

Clowning Experience:
Answer one or more of the following:

 ? What advice would you give to other Clowns?
Never Forget your banana peel. It is the strongest weapon.

 ? What was one of your favorite Clown moments? (Either playing as a Clown or interacting with one)
Clown brings in injector art, tells me not to touch it if he dies- We both touch it, and moments later our hearts burst from our chests as heart bees.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter)
Laughing gas balloons or sleepy gas balloons that knock someone out when they pop. Or maybe just emaggable honkwerks PDA for more inclusive sounds & or louder honks.

 ? What's a prank or gimmick that you've always wanted to pull off? 
Sleepy gas the shuttle, and tell everyone a story while they sleep, on the way back to Centcom.

 ? Draw a picture!

[Image: xttWFin.png]
I'm not even sure what a clown is anymore, have a degree

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