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Kondaru Fixes Thread
There seems to be two RESET-AI modules quite next to each other. Not near AI upload but near Captains Quarters.
I thought I posted this in here but I guess not. The clown hole doesn't have a clown's rubber stamp, or at least it didn't yesterday.
you put a chem locker in the medbay pharmacy

they cant unlock it
Hydroponic's mailchute isn't piped.
(05-07-2020, 01:55 PM)MarkNstein Wrote: Hydroponic's mailchute isn't piped.

I found this out when I tried mailing three bags of overripe tomatoes to engineering, as per the captain's orders.

The backfed tomato juice nearly suffocated everyone in the hydro foyer.

Also, while I'm at it, Hydroponics is very crowded with even only 2 botanists. And why are there two Reagent Extractors, but only one PlantMaster?!
Suggestion: it would be really nice to have a computer with MedTrak somewhere very close to cloner because it's way easier to do puritan checks with them than with PDA. Either in cloning room or outside by the door
Puritan corpses don't pop anymore so there's no actual downside beyond the mess to cloning puritans.

Bit of a pity because that neverending puritan cloning chain was hilarious.

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