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Kondaru Fixes Thread
Hoping to have Kondaru stick around, so fix thread time! This can be outright bugs, quality of life things, or "this area seems wrong but I don't know how exactly".

Fixes in fix batch aug20 #2:
  • Teleporter room access probably fixed.
  • QM lockers actually have stuff now.
  • Pool's wetter.
  • Gene power module for Genetics.
  • Two additional defibrillators in Medbay (one on table, one in crate).
  • Halloween spawns!

Fixes in fix batch twenty:
  • Station intercoms are now probably lined up right.
  • Realigned ID card dispenser to be attached to a wall instead of a window.
  • Removed an orphaned wire in Armory.
  • Mining's unloading bay doors are now autoclose.
  • Toxins now has a gas cooler loop.

Fixes in fix batch nineteen:
  • Additional janitor spawn in the auxiliary closet.
  • One deviant emergency light in Escape now aligned properly.
  • Door-linked atmospheric force fields for most exterior doors.
  • More energy shield generators around and about the station.
  • Maintenance tube as another means to reach the Router Cabinet.
  • Floor signage for spots where departments span maintenance.
  • Slight reorganization of Medbay, placing the concourse medical computer closer to Cloning.

Fixes in fix batch eighteen:
  • Added blobstart landmarks.
  • Tweaked Hydro a bit, including a second PlantMaster.
  • Adjusted some sinks.
  • Added a second comm dish by the Bridge.

Fixes in fix batch seventeen:
  • More engine improvements, whee
  • Fixed a missing Hydro mail pipe.
  • Added windoors to the Kitchen front table.
  • Armory now equipped with newer style riot helmets.
  • Added a Space Thing and some crates to peripheral asteroids.

Fixes of note in fix batch sixteen (not all-inclusive):
  • Courtroom has a bank computer, and the hall outside it has less wacky tiles.
  • Player piano in the Chapel.
  • Gymnasium now better equipped for wrassling.

Fixes of note in fix batch fifteen (not all-inclusive):
  • Courtroom uniform manufacturer is now the fancy type.
  • Increase in visibility of Morgue's embalming fluid.
  • Pride wardrobe! And several others.
  • Sauna fuel is now more clearly visible, and accessible to anyone who can access the Sauna.
  • Cloning now has its own area and APC.
  • More disposal pipe dispensers (including one that may be of interest to loaf enthusiasts).

Fixes of note in fix batch fourteen (not all-inclusive):
  • Emergency lighting!
  • More hats and gloves in Security for the more... dapper... of the police force.
  • Improvements to Research's main-hall networked hardware.
  • Cloning reorganized for better usability during high traffic.
  • Cafeteria's front exit now also accessible to the Chef.
  • Inaccessible pipe beneath the TEG central unit can no longer rupture.
  • Loaf zone more conducive to loafing (gear swapped around, fuel tank nearby).

Fixes of note in fix batch thirteen (not all-inclusive):
  • Hydroponics' back room re-tiled to make it clear it's not maintenance.
  • Pharmacy's chemical locker reconfigured for appropriate access.
  • Additional fire alarms for the East Primary Hallway.
  • Tanning bed for the pool room
  • Departmental stamps!
  • More critters!
  • 13.1: barber shop seating fixed

Fixes of note in fix batch twelve (not all-inclusive):
  • Northeast Vendomat moved from Maintenance into the storeroom off the gym.
  • Several additional cargo pads, including Robotics.
  • Fluid canister outside each janitorial room.
  • Main phone for the Bridge.
  • Wrestling bell for the Gym.
  • AI QM console upgraded to the proper variant.
  • Clown stamp!

Prior fix batches can be found in the Github closed PR list.

Intentional things:
  • Cleaning grenades were present (different icons than you may be used to) - they've moved to rack directly right of closet
  • General manufacturers are not in wide supply outside departments, but there IS one public-access, in the foundry.
  • Escape dock deliberately serves only as a place to safely exit yr pod. The main pod bay or security warp beacons allow for a fairly short travel time to reach it.
Bar lacks spectroscopic scanner goggles.
Bar doesn't start with pitchers/beakers already on the dispensers which is incredibly minor but is something that most maps have.
there is a hangar near escape dock but there are no pods there, so it feels a bit empty

not entirely sure if that's intended or not but I feel like the pods just should be there

also, it's missing a wormhole beacon
Main janitor closet doesn't have a sponge and the medbay could use an exit door button, aside from that the map is great!
Detective is unable to exit his office using the rightmost airlock.

Other heads of department, like the RD, have access to the armory airlocks.
Janitor room and closet:
  • No easily accesible water tank
  • no cleaning grenades
  • only one sponge which is in the closet
Recommend checking the permissions on the medbooth door south of bar, I as a Miner was able to enter it normally ( as in it auto-opened for me when i walked into the door)
As near as I can tell there are no public general manufacturers on the map.

Also, the left doors into QM are public access.
head of security bedroom is public access i think
Gene Booth seems to be missing.
(04-16-2020, 05:49 AM)RSG250 Wrote: Gene Booth seems to be missing.

note that it should be somewhere easily accessible to the public, which might be hard on kondaru since the public access area of medbay is strange and a bit cramped
Just dropping in another reply - Would it be possible to get the armory additions from cog1 added to Kondaru? Things like the pulse rifle rack and airlock breaching sledgehammer, mainly.
Engineering could use some energy-shield generators. I don't think there's any on the map, and they're useful for keeping atmospheres where they're supposed to be
The security wardrobe could use a siren helmet
There doesn't seem to be a cartyparty vendor on the station.

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