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Mushroom Station
I am planning to start modernizing Shroom Station soon, any location requests?

State the Department and a general location you think would be fitting.
When I played on Mushroom a day or two ago as a miner, there was no way for me to get to the mining area with my default access. I had to get full engineering access to get in.
is mushroom the map with all the teleporters around? if so, sci on that map is kinda wack, esp. chem i think??
Well, I already have a few issues with the moldy mushroom after a round of MedDoc on it yesterday, most of them having to do with Medbay.

-Mushroom doesn't really have an office for the Medical Director. Poor guy's locker is just lying out in the open, and you just know some rat will take advantage of that to run off with their stuff while they're still getting sorted. Genetics could probably be shrunk down to make room for the Head Quack's office, to be honest. Seriously, you could just stick the geneticists in a 2x2 room with a console, a scanner, and a monkey machine and they'd be perfectly happy.

-It also lacks any real chemistry equipment in Medbay. The more competent and chem savvy doctors (such as myself) appreciate having somewhere to at least synthesize some more of the basic meds that run out easily or produce more advanced meds. Besides, chemistry never actually pays any attention to the rare times a doctor asks for drugs and are usually too busy making clown bombs or deadly chemical weapons anyways.

-General manufacturers seem to not exist. At all. I had to end up breaking into Mechanics for a multi-tool so I could fix an APC in Med.

-The morgue is in a position where only Genetics and Robotics can really access it without having to go all the way through a dank maint tunnel. It also doesn't really have much in the way of... well, anything you'd find on another map's Med morgue. I know maybe like 3 people use it on any given day, but sometimes the stuff in there is nice to have, and it's a good way stash a body without stinking up the cloner or Robotics.

-The Research Sector hallways could probably shrunken down to make room for some of the other labs in there, as Chemistry especially looks and probably feels especially cramped. Even Cog1's chem gets cramped sometimes, with how popular chem is for a lot of people, Scientists and non-Sci alike.

-Maintenance doesn't really feel like Maint. I likely don't speak for everyone here, but I'm used to the dirty, beat up, and dimly lit Maint tunnels filled with tools and refuse whatnot on other maps, so the "clean" maints of older maps like Mush just feel weird to me.

-The Detective's office spawns with a .38 revolver in it. Right out in the open for any Assistant who can hack a door to snatch up. Seeing as how the Detective currently spawns with the .38, this feels extremely obsolete and unnecessary.

-Air canisters seem to be in WAY shorter supply than other maps, making re-pressurizing an area that's been vented much more difficult.


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