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A mistake
Usual Clown name: Clownfish
BYOND username: Studenterhue
Goon servers you play: The server formerly known as Goonstation #2/LLJK #2
Clowning Experience:

 ? What was one of your favorite Clown moments? (Either playing as a Clown or interacting with one)

There are two, and they are both quite simple.

One was playing as Clown. I was running a gimmick as "Clownfish", walking around spamming Stand/Rest. If anybody stopped to stare, I'd lay on the round, *flip to do the "flop like a fish" message, and shout "Blub blub!". This round, there was an inspector who was grading the station by subtracting points, in increments of 10,  for every flaw they found. They apparently took quite a likening to this rather silly act and gave the station a whopping 1000 points for having "a clown that's actually funny". The simple joy of positive feedback: that's the crux of the thing.

The other was another clown I witnessed named Bozo the Shithead. Quite an actor. I loved the avuncular, almost "folks-y" aura, his assertions of "And that's the truth, folks!" and "Bozo wouldn't lie to you!". Any clown can slip sec officers and brag about it, but Bozo didn't. In fact, he was quite modest about it, saying he couldn't believe  that the local police force could be beaten by a man with really big shoes was unbelievable and almost concerning, and the way he talked about, you could feel it actually was unbelievable and almost concerning.  

Fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter)

A clown gun, honk, a gun for clowns. Specifically an energy rifle with two modes: a high-power mode that swaps people's jumpsuit, mask, and shoe items for a clown suit, clown mask, and clown shoes and a low-power mode that just shoots one of the three at random. EMP and emagging makes the gun shoot alt color clown gear. Low-power is free, you get two high-power shots at full charge, and it starts at half charge. 

Good for recruiting more clowns or pranking someone and potentially weaponizable against nerds with infused jumpsuits, bowlers, footballers, etc. Need a costumed crook to beat one!

 ? Draw a picture!

A picture is a thousand words, so here's 1055 of them. All mistakes.
Your picture was very confusing for peanut brain urs. It sounded very fancy though and the clown college has awarnded u 1 (one) doiploma
Now that's art.

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