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goonstation community map!
(just a ctrl c ctrl v from discord)

hey goon guys gals and nonbinary pals its me your good bud (hopefully) adhara

so a few community members are gonna try to like, make a community goonstation map. the idea is that we all kinda chip in and help the process go out quicker and smoother. so if you want to do a piece of the map, you could claim it. and if you have some good ideas for fun things to include, ill hold votes on majour ones and unnofficial "does this seem poo or are we good to goo" chats for small ones. and if you just wanna help with feedback or playtesting, go for it. and if you just wanna watch as we all run around and try to figure this out? then do that! the end goal is to make a map that has the community spirit in it, and is polished and fun enough to go into rotation!

i made a discord server for it, so if youre at all interested in any way, please come join

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