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Knight's Sprites
Figured I'd slap all my sprites in here. Some are finished, some aren't. Hope you like 'em.

(Training armor "Bogu" for use with training swords)
[Image: NESQv8M.png]

(Different designs for training swords. Tried to take some inspiration from Kendo swords, or "shinai".)

[Image: CWq5UCA.png][Image: uyS2Fs8.png][Image: TIegks5.png][Image: 49YfRMZ.png]

("Cursed blade of Arai". Little thing I did combined with a story a few months ago.)
[Image: yyLEa1Y.png]

(Original design for the pulse rifle that is currently in game! Went through SEVERAL redesigns.)
[Image: oNsxJNO.png]
(Battleaxe sprote)

[Image: bDqBQ6I.png]
(inspired by the 2049 LAPD Blaster from Bladerunner 2049)

[Image: uCZogdZ.png]
(04-23-2020, 10:59 AM)Knight Wrote: (inspired by the 2049 LAPD Blaster from Bladerunner 2049)

[Image: uCZogdZ.png]

Looks like a nice alt detective gun
[Image: YpJMWuA.png]

Finished product for the Baal sprites. Hopefully someone can code 'em and add 'em.

[Image: kvCcfAv.png]

Here's the signifer-2 in game - coded by Kyle. New NTSO weapon!

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