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[feature + bugfix] A couple gun-related tweaks
Bugfix/tweak: change nukie turret to adjust damage taken by the ks_ratio of the projectile instead of simply being immune to tasers. PR
Feature: Tweaks to pointblanking to make projectile types that fire multiple shots actually hit multiple times on pointblank, and pointblanking applies movement slowdown from firing, if applicable (nukie LMG, for example) PR
Tweak: Make the MPRT launcher banned from dual-wielding, because this mostly just kills unaware nukeops. PR
Feature: Click a magazine/speedloader/etc with another of the same type to refill it, for combining partial magazines. PR
Feature: You aim worse when drunk - adds some extra bullet spread when drunk, and more when shitfaced. Partially mitigated by alcohol resistance. PR
Backend feature: Adds support for changing the shoot delay on guns, so you can have guns that allow faster/slower PR
Very good patches!
Being able to fill half used magazines would be nice.

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