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Upcoming Town Hall (Sunday 3/29)
Hi friends. Our upcoming town hall is scheduled for Sunday 3/29 at 3PM ET.

This town hall will provide a time for all interested members of the community to come together and ask any questions they might have of the admin team. This can include questions about game direction and development, concerns about the community, clarification about the rules, etc. We'll do our best to address everyone's thoughts and feelings. A lot has happened in the past couple weeks, and we're looking forward to discussing those changes and developments with you all.

If you won't be able to make it to the town hall, you're highly encouraged to ask whatever here, and we'll be sure to answer your questions to the best of our ability during the town hall. Unless you are an admin, this thread is for questions only. Posts that are offtopic or that contain personal attacks will be deleted. If we see the need to open up a second thread for discussion, we'll do so. 

Logs of past town halls can be viewed in the Archive section of our Discord server.

What's the new process for admin applications going to be?
What's the process going to be for handling abandoned projects by coders who have definitively 100% left forever?

Ex: flock stuff now that cirrial is gone
What is the official stance of medal secrecy? As in -

Are medals secret by themselves?
Are medal rewards secret?
Is the way to earn medals secret?
Are any additional cross-round persistence features planned and/or in the works?

Is something like a Construction-style gamemode server thing even remotely feasible?
Coder question, where are we currently on the public repo stuff? Have there been discussions? Progress? Or were other things being worked on?
Can you tell anything about what's the next major step gameplay/feature/codewise?
Has anything actually been done WRT my complaints or did you just scapegoat Azungar and call it a day?
With the release of 2020 code making community maps much more compatible with the current live game, will there be any changes to make the community map integration procedure more formalized and/or expedient?
What conflict resolution models are you guys basing your mediation on?

With the left admins is there a likelihood of a truth and reconciliation event?

(Sorry if this has already been addressed somewhere, I didn't find out about the leaving til I noticed the town hall archives like a week ago)

Will those be instigated at request or will there be an intervation like "hey this is heading to a bad place, let's schedule a time to get this done"... or both?
Will there be an opportunity for more coders in the future, and what kind of criteria are considered for the role?

Following that, what is the current status regarding a public repo? never mind, question has already been previously asked
My question wasn't as clear as I'd like it to be so to add to that last part ... It seems like everyone was friends or somehow apprehensive to address conflict resolution, or just not good at it. What models if any are going to be used to implement it. Additionally, to address the problem that people didn't want want to confront others or get into conflict what method is going to be used to insure (since it's the same people right now handling mediation) that it gets done?

Seems like it'd be easier if there was a structure to follow, and some rule internally that "ok this has to get done when it's noticed"
Questions have been closed. 

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