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[Feature] cross-round bookshelves+bookshelves
helo its me again
sorry i didnt do my usual ha ha funny epic video, its a bit boring since i have to wait for the round to restart properly
but idk, this is cool, and a long time coming

(video warning: there is a boring section after the shuttle call and between rounds, so after the round has ended message, just skip until you see the login screen.)

cross round bookshelves
so these would have to be put into the map file like, in any place really. as long as its a cozy bookshelf spot. but basically the gist is that when the round ends, the bookshelf saves its contents into a file on the server, and when the next round starts, the bookshelf loads its contents from that file. if the bookshelf is deleted before the round ends, its contents wont carry over, so you can screw with it normally and add or remove whatever books you want. 

basic bookshelves
these might seem familiar b/c i actually coded these a while ago, but they werent makeable in game b/c of a woodworking system that never got added. so i just went and finished this aspect up. you can make bookshelf parts by hitting rack parts with a wood plank. then make the bookshelf like you normally would, click the bookshelf parts while theyre in your active hand. to deconstruct a bookshelf, empty it of books and then hit it with a wrench.

other little things
did a bit of code tidying up in the printing press file, and i made a new subtype of book called custom book. it uses the printing press framework, but since those can only be made during the round, this lets you use all that using variables in the code. basically the only thing that this does that you couldnt do before is that you can build up custom book icons, so its kinda cool, but idk. i included examples of how to use it in the code. 

merging notes
compare link!
this compare is gonna look dirty, but thats because printing press stuff didnt exist in the 2020 release i think?
so the files that need to actually have the changes put in are as follows:
theres also some comments about uncommenting lines, thats just for a new system for finding objects that doesnt use a for(obj in world) thing, that should probably be it.
also, just yell at me if you want suggestions of locations for the maps, ill totally do it

(also, since this patch modifies files on the server, wire needs to okay it, and he wasnt online on discord, so this is pending his approval, and if he says no, please delete this thread.)
Be quiet in the library or else!

Time to write a bunch of books for the Library of Adahararababa
wire approved the server modifying code last night

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