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Wavegun rework, plus killing doublehit bug, and also fixing stun weapon falloff
Yes, this really should have been separate patches, but shit happens.
Wavegun rework: newly designed experimental weaponry that increases in potency as the shots travel
Also includes a mode with a piercing shot that is only effective within a highly narrow range band, and an EMP wave mode

This should also kill the doublehit bug for good, even on piercing weapons

Finally, falloff for stun weapons over range was previously literally nonexistent - now stun weapons will actually fall off in power over distance like other projectiles (though floored to half their original strength)

Sprites from flaborized!
Looks like a lot of fun, different enough from standard tasers to be worth getting.
Fixed up the numbers on wavegun/taser falloff to be more balanced, also adjusted taser shotguns (enable pointblanking, move stunpellets to standard stun-weapon handling)
Additional patch on top for tweaking a couple of the lawgiver modes (detain and pulse) to bring them a bit closer together in strength/usefulness, probably. PR

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