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[Feature] Conspiracy Theorist Trait
Conspiracy Theorist Trait

- Trinket trait that gives you a tin foil hat

- Sometimes also gives you a madlibs style conspiracy theory in your crew objectives

Quote:The NT executives are stealing all the bathroom mints in order to embezzle money from the company. Panic!

dmi link

prpr: UM-2020-005

notes: I welcome a new trait icon sprite.

if you wanna suggest more madlibs the format is:
Very yes. This is hysterical.
Noun suggestions : Space Wizard Federation, space bees, aliens, revolutionaries,
Verb suggestions : wire tapping, monitoring communications, clogging the station toilets,
Reason suggestions : gain an upperhand in the Pan-Galactic War, break into the Solarium, uncover the secret of the BioDome,

also, maybe make the tin foil hat a chance thing? i like the objectives but im not a fan of forced trinkets
YES. YES. Finally. The anti-martian-tinfoil-hat.
Welp, I know what I will be doing when I join as a radio host.
Merge!! Please!!!!
Work in hallucinations that display characters as different mobs, so occasionally you'll be talking to a giant duck who is really the Captain
I'm just gonna brain my dump ideas here.

Nouns: clowns, Mr. and Mrs. Muggles, silicons, doctors, nanotrasen security operatives, mice, martians, god-like beings known only as "The Admins",

Verbs: experimenting on baby seals, surgically implanting bike horns into crew members, passive-aggressively irritating the AI, collecting crew members' farts, replacing all security officers with themselves, stealing the authentication disk, impersonating the captain, fabricating syndicate crimes, promoting omegaweed as an insomnia cure, framing Heisenbee for assault, enslaving the minds of all your friends one by one, convincing everyone to stay up waaay past their bedtime,

Reasons: hide the fact that the space station is flat, give the chaplain something useful to do, fill hell with souls until it bursts into the dimension of the living, convert every living thing on the station into cheese, feed their insatiable hunger for the farts of the living, get a raise, finally get even with the clown for that time they were slipped, cover up the fact that the syndicate aren't such bad guys after all, have another excuse to deny the existence of Reapers, create the most lethal baked potato known to humankind, impress someone for whom they have the major hots, try to take over the galaxy because they couldn't think of anything more clever to do
Merged, except I also wrote a whole new shitty thing to move the nouns, verbs etc. into a .txt file.

Also added some of Phyvo's suggestions!

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