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Minor Invisible beaker bug after using chem dispenser
Got this from an ahelp. Person who reported this said they were making chems with the chem dispenser as usual, when suddenly the beaker in their hand apparently turned invisible. 

According to them, they could:
  • Transfer chemicals into the beaker
  • Insert beaker into chemical dispenser
  • Throw the beaker. They could do this while the dispenser, which somehow did not eject the beaker. This also got the beaker out of their hand.
They could not:
  • Drop the beaker
  • Lose the beaker due to losing their arm
  • Get the beaker swiped out of their hands through disarm
  • Place the beaker in their backpack or inventory slot.
I don't know if they were able to put it in a glass recycler (they said they didn't try), and I didn't think until now to ask them if stand/rest made them drop the beaker.

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