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Remove or reduce spatial tears
(03-27-2020, 01:24 PM)kyle2143 Wrote: I once made a patch to change spatial tears before I was an admin that I thought was a good compromise for changing them from being very tedious and boring. It didn't get an overly positive reception iirc so I never merged it as an admin but here's the gist:
Spatial tears can be crossed, but when you enter a spatial tear tile you are spit out on a random tile adjacent to the tear on the opposite side, taking some damage, possibly losing a limb or organ. Making them still quite dangerous to cross, but not if you take preparations. I also made an event that is multiple spatial tears for more chaos.

Here's the patch.

I must say that your spatial tears sound quite interesting but still I would not opt for those changes to be introduced as a replacement for the current ones - rather expand the types of spatial tear anomalies which can occur.

Why not have them all like this?

-Current unpassable spatial tears
-Your dangerous spatial tears
-Your chaos spatial tear event (with or dangerous spatial tears or unpassable spatial tears)
Hmm. How about mixing them together? Have the tears as they are now but you can break through if you beat them long enough like a door(of course taking less time than beating a door because fuck that takes forever) and if they succeed and breaking through it teleports them someone along the tear on the otherside but with some kinda rad damage or a missing limb or something
Spatial tears can actually be bashed down! Only you need a loaf or an emitter to do so cos they're tanky as fuck. Personally, I see no reason to change them, other than limiting how long they can last to something like 5 minutes.
I don't know about the damage thingy, firstly someone could just randomly be running and suddenly have a tear spawn in front of them. Secondly and more importantly, the tear already goes from edge to edge of the map, meaning you've got a 50/50 chance of spawning on station, hopefully not in an object. I would have it check the middle and adjacent square to make sure it's not occupied with something that blocks movement, then have it send you through with maybe 15-25 burn damage at most. Otherwise I think it would neatly solve the problem without detracting the significance of the event and maybe even assist with that traitor escape mentioned here big grin

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