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Vampirate LLJK2 DarkChis
Who banned you?: Darkchis but really it was a pretty unanimous decision on the admistration staff.
Byond Key: Vampirate
Date of Ban: Loong time ago, Obama was still President. So... 10 million years (feels like)
Specified Reason for Ban: I was the worst. (will briefly rexplain)
Ban Length: Permaban.
What led to the ban? 
To keep it short but precise.   I was the worst player they had at the time.  I felt entitled to tell people how to play cause I'd been around a long time.   I used my knowledge to torment people who annoyed me.  I managed to be the worst while breaking no rules.
I was an angry man with control issues and emotional instability that shouldn't have gotten near a sandbox game.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: 
Well I tried to go to some other servers. Let's just say they reflect the current political climate is reflected accurately there.   Not a cool place to be an LGBT dude.  So I thought I'd appeal again.  Kubius is running a server, I plan to help him with that if we can all ever get an agreed time :p.  

I'm not that dude anymore.  My son forced me to grow up,  the reality of the last few years has caused me to do a lot of soul searching and find a better me.  I took a lot of the feedback I got last year and reflected on it.    I don't think anyone is irredeemable, and I hope I'm not.   Plus, I know if I step out of line someone is happy to smack that perma back on. 

For context at how well I've done elsewhere 
I used to get a chat ban or 72 hour ban every few months, this sets your honor back to less than zero and you have to play about fifty games to even get to unlock zero.     Over a few years I've climbed back to honor 2 (meaning I've treated people well)  in one of the most toxic communities known to online games.   Even one bad game where you flame can get you reset back to zero when they report you.  To get to level 2 I had to play about 500 to 700 games at a min of 20 mins and sometimes an hour or so. (pic of my current honor level)

Which rule did you break? I broke no rules and all of them.  I lived in the grey areas.  There becomes a point where you're worse than a rule breaker because you're abusing the fairness and leniency of others.  That was me

Evasion Attempts: None

I tried to keep it pretty short.  Sorry if this was too long.

Last note,  been hanging around the discord.  No one banned me from it.  I appreciate that.  Love the community.  Said dumb things sometimes, but benign dumb things.    Hope I can contribute to the community again, positively this time.  If not, again, no hard feelings.
Hey just wanted you to know I saw this, and honestly, I kind of like it. I'm sure it'll be a hot minute before any sort of decision is made, but something about this struck me as actually genuine.
I appreciate it. I understand if it takes a while to discuss, I know I've got a long history.
I thought I'd check in, I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by doing so. It's been a few days but I understand if this needs more time.
It's not been forgotten, it's just an involved process.
We have a lot going on with internal policy and other matters, so don't be worried if there seems to be radio silence.
I had missed the town hall but caught up. You guys got a lot going on, and with less staff at the moment. No worries, I understand completely. .

I felt bad when I realized I'd posted my appeal in what is probably the worst possible time to do so in years.

I appreciate the heads up tho :-)
Heya, it's been a week so I thought I'd check in. No rush. I just figured since it was a week I'd ping in. Anyhoo if it still needs some time I am cool, I know you guys got a process. Plus the ff7 remake is coming up so that'll; crunch a bunch of my time :p
I feel like making mistakes today.
You get one chance on my good name and (relative) naïveté.

welcome back, don't make me mourn this
Thanks so much <3 My heart is so full.

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