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Minor Force Shield Invisibility
Force Shield seems to be invisible. Unsure of what conditions caused it - with the help of someone more experienced with borg, I instructed them to turn it on, enter and exit docking stations, and try reinstalling it, but did not figure out any consistent way to make it properly visible.

Reproduction: Install a force shield module into a borg. Turn it on, and it might not be visible despite being effective.
All borg upgrades that affect them visually don't update usually unless you do something else that also updates your sprite like taking off or putting on clothing in the dock.
I can verify what BlooDHoG is saying, i personally always try to update my sprite by dropping an item from my hotbar, but this can be tricky to do and easily forgottenĀ in high action situation where u wanna toggle your shield on quickly. I would love to see this changed too, invisible shields don't seem fair.
I can confirm that's indeed what is happening, someone will need to rework borg upgrades a bit to make this work.

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