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[Feature]: Added visual indicators and resprites to some energy weapons + syringe gun
Resprites the taser, egun, rad poison crossbow and syringe guns. Adds additional visual indicators: The egun changes in-hand to be red when lethal, with the intent to make it more clear what mode is being used to people fighting the egun. The radbow has little lights on it that light up gradually as it recharges, only lighting up fully when it's ready to fire, so you don't have to examine it to see if it's ready to fire again. The light on the front of the taser blinks yellow when it's on burst mode... so you can see it's on burst mode.

Compare link:

.dmi   gun.dmi (Size: 2.27 KB / Downloads: 2) , with sprites to be added it icons/obj/gun.dmi

.dmi   hand_weapons.dmi (Size: 442 bytes / Downloads: 4) , with sprites to be added to icons/mob/inhand/hand_weapons.dmi


[Image: coding.png]

[Image: coding.png]

jons the catte
Quick visual feedback is always a sign of good design. Excellent work, Flab!
Great sprites!

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