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Goonstation Monthly Contest: March Edition!
Hi space pals. 

The past couple weeks have been A Lot, but we got through them, and we'll do better going forward. The community is still here and regular proceedings such as the monthly contest will continue (albeit late). 

March's theme will hopefully provide a silly bit of fun. The salient points are outlined by Popecrunch below:

[Image: vgqrcfi.png]

Here are the hard requirements for your submission:
  • a screenshot of your sandwich (you can choose to feature just the sandwich itself, or a cast of characters and some sort of scene alongside it)
  • the name of your sandwich
  • a list of ingredients that went into the sandwich filling (five ingredients max, please)
  • your sandwich's story (be as elaborate and as creative as you'd like!)
Once you have all of that, you're good to go! Sleeping bee

Voting will be conducted as usual, and the top five submissions will receive the regular affair of medals, stickers, and high praise from their fellow space friends. In addition to that, their sandwich will be featured prominently ingame (we can work out the specifics later). 

So, put on your chef's hat, beat Remy to death with a rolling pin, and get started on that lightly-fried twobacco nugget pie physical manifestation of the very concept of fried foods russian revolver peach ring sandwich on cornbread now!

Thank you all for your patience and for sticking around with us. You're good and cool and you belong here in the Goonstation community. jons the catte Jones the cat

edit: mbc would like me to clarify that, actually, your sandwich can be from ingame or from in real life! If it's the latter, though, make sure it somehow relates to SS13!
Guess my submission is going to be the first one

So, I've been thinking for a bit: what should I do to make a perfect sandwich? And I came up with a simple solution, since simple solutions seem to always be the best: To truly enjoy the food you prepared you just have to put your heart into it!  And so I did. But I didn't want to be selfish. I wanted other people to enjoy the sandwich. So I invited some friends, and together we made the best sandwich we could make. All of us have put our hearts into preparing it. And when it was ready, we consumed it, together. It was a good sandwich.

And here it is: The Heart-Shaped Friendship Sandwich!

[Image: 6WxoEIB.png]
[Image: x72izRk.png]

As you can see, it's pretty easy to make. All you have to do is convince your friends to gift you their hearts! Well actually, it may be difficult sometimes, people often tend to be heartless bastards. But the end result is definetly worth the effort
I'm just going to go ahead and submit an oldie but goodie even if it's not exactly SS13 related

Frank Steins Pop Tart Sandwich

From bottom to top:
  • Toast
  • Butter
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry Poptart
  • Nutella
  • Butter
  • Toast
Garnish with banana slices and powdered sugar

Eat and fall asleep immediately from the sugar overload
That's a powerful sandwich!
Your ass is grass


1 Ass
Some Grass

Cut Ass in half (needs to be added as a bread knife recipe) to get 2 "buns" then assemble as follows


Best if eating the amputated ass of some dead dude.
Are buns counted in the 5 ingredient max or no?
[Image: OUre3nu.png]
Name: It's Bread All The Way Down
Filling ingredients: A loaf of bread, two slices of bread, and a beaker of bread.
a while ago I was out with my best friend, and one of us made the grave misdeed of educating the other on the existence of burger soup. Which started us thinking: if you were then to then somehow place burger soup within two buns, would you get a burger soup burger? And would liquefying that produce a burger soup burger soup? In this logic you can make a burger soup burger burger burger by adding additional layers of bun, but we were excited to discover that layers of soupness would collapse - that is, liquefying a burger soup does not produce a burger soup soup, just well-mixed burger soup. A fascinating area of research.
Anyway, the addition of the soup patch made me think of it. So, in the absence of custom burgers, I decided to investigate this logic in terms of sandwiches, and created possibly the most on-brand possible sandwich for me: an entire loaf of bread, cover in bread, boiled in bread until bread slurry, then spread between two slices of bread. Just like a jam sandwich, but wheatier.
[Image: unknown.png]
Name: Markdown Margaret's Steak Dip Au Jus, Pre-Dipped
Sandwich Filling:
- 1x Toasted Monkey Steak Sandwich (2x Toast, 1x Monkey Steak)
- 1x Steak Broth (1x Monkey Steak, Blood "broth")
So like, you ever wanna have a french dip but think that that kinda defeats the purpose of a sandwich as a portable meal?
Well, look no further. Here are Markdown Margaret's, we've used advanced space-cooking technology to include the Au Jus dip as part of the sandwich! Now you can carry your steak dip with you on the go! Come on down for a healthy* and delicious** treat!
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Nanotrasen Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
**Markdown Margaret's LLC. is a subsidiary of Discount Dan's Inc. Any complaints may be directed to the Discount Dan's Inc. Legal Team at
1234 Fuck You Ave, Space, Space

Discount Dan's: Legal, because our lawyers are better than yours!
Good sandwiches everyone Morty

(03-23-2020, 12:34 PM)Scaltra Wrote: Are buns counted in the 5 ingredient max or no?

They do not count!
Screenshot-[Image: unknown.png]

The name- The Goonstation special 

Ingredients- bee egg, Omega weed, Deepfried clown, an ass and Pure love

Story- I wanted to make a sandwich that encapsulated the feelings of Goonstation, the silliness, the bees, the chaotic world, ass day and the pure love that has went into so many aspects of this game/community. The history of The Goonstation Special was that of trails and tribulations. The Bee egg for the wonderful bees of goon. The omega weed for the pure fucked up and chaotic nature that is goonstation, A fried clown to show the silliness of goon, an ass for ass day and the true birthplace of all farts and finally, Pure love for all the love and care the admins, coders, mentors and players have put into the game. (Thank you all for playing and making this place so great  Oh... heh, I was just... ) Below is a bigger story of most of the effort that I went through in order to bring this sandwich before your eyes

The wonderful clown Cheese Slice had[Image: unknown.png]...put every last bit of themselves into helping make it...twice. The first Time there was not just Cheese Slice but also Slippy the clown had layed down their life for the sandwich. Sacrificing their ability to fart to give us a butt. In wonderful goonstation fashion Levi forgot to put most of the ingredients in the sandwich. Levi Lovestrong's failure hung heavy on his heart The next shift he talked to Cheese Slice's clone and convinced them to give him a second chance. Together they managed to make a truly magical Sandwich, That day the goonstation sandwich was born.[Image: unknown.png] One problem though (more so with cooking stuff) It seemed You couldn't even taste the Butt or the Omega weed!(turns out you need to deepfry some things for them to even show up  frown  Argh! So I threw the sandwich into a soup and threw it into another sandwich this time with fried omega weed. and I got this  [Image: unknown.png]  So, you just kind of need to trust me that the ass is in there (maybe it only shows up on the 13th of every month...hehe) That is the fully story of the Goonstation Special. The sandwich that will give you a taste of the Goonstation experience. [url=][/url]
Give it your all...
(ellipses are said aloud. This is up to interpretation)

When it comes to art, such as cooking, you really gotta put your all into it. Guts, heart, soul,...all of it! After all, it is a part of you!

[Image: 81wTjHw.png]

  • 1 heart, lightly-grilled - Self-explanatory. Aim for perfectly-grilled; if you miss, you'll land on lightly-grilled. Hopefully.
  • 1 black shoes, lightly-grilled - Soles. Souls. You can groan now. Two is better than one.
  • 1 stomach, lightly-grilled - Gotta have guts to get the glory.
  • 1 intestines, lightly-grilled - Ditto. Two is still better than one.
  • 1 Ion Storm-Rainbow, lightly-grilled. - Because you have to put in ALL OF YOU! Even if it causes weird time paradoxes or strange self-cannbalism ethical dilemmas.

Combine ingredients with slices of banana bread (Useless tangnet: I'm not sure why, but I like banana bread, but not bananas, by themselves, as fruit eaten raw. The smell kinda gets to me.)  Serve with salted glass (salt is your tears) of Mind Eraser (you put your mind into it, and it ends up there). Ideally, eat with candlelight and read a good book.

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