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[FEATURE] Adds Decorative Plant Pots!
This patch adds a garden trowel and a decorative plant pot to the game, available from the GardenGear vending machine. Grab a trowel and pot from the vendor, plant a seed in a Hydroponics Tray, wait for it to reach the desired growth stage, then whack the plant with the trowel to uproot it. Place it in the decorative plant pot and go!

Functionally, the trowel kills the target plant and copies it's current sprite, then applies that sprite to the decorative plant pot. The plants are purposefully non-functional, forever frozen in whatever status they were in when uprooted. Frighten your friends and family with false lasher vines! Spice up your after-school rave with some perfectly legal fake rainbow weed! The possibilities are endless.

Sprites here, they get mergedĀ into icons\obj\hydroponics\hydromisc.dmi

EDIT: I am a heel for forgetting to mention that this was made by both myself and AwkwardDryad!
I love this idea, yes please
this seems legit cool. I can't wait to see people line the halls with rose bushes

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