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[Feature / Improvement] Chemicompiler Stuff
Currently, the chemicompiler uses one of the most horrific control loops I've ever seen. (recursive SPAWN_DBG(0)). This patch fixes that by moving the chemicompiler into the regular machine processing system, as well as hopefully fixing the heat function (again) (see note).

Bonus QOL features: Two new operators (I'll update the wiki with a better description later if this goes through):
',': read the volume in the specified container into memory
'#': transfer-isolate specified reagent

pull request

*A note if anyone decides to merge this: I'm not 100% sure how git will try to handle this, but /datum/chemicompiler_executor/proc/heatReagents at line 829 of in my patch was already merged (incorrectly) into the goon master branch (line 722 I believe). I would just like to specify that the version of the proc included in THIS patch is the correct one.
I have been learning the chemicompiler and I approve of this message.
Merged, pls test if correctly. Also pls add to the wiki.

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