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[Feature] Traitor Item: Cursed Clown Mask
From this suggestion thread.

So the idea was for a traitor item clown mask that functions as internals. I was going to just make that, but the part about not being able to remove it gave me some ideas, and I got a bit carried away...

The Cursed Clown Mask is a gas mask, allowing the use of air tanks and protecting you from smoke and stuff. As suggested, it is almost indestructible. It does not burn and does not melt when splashed with acid (new flag, acid_proof = 1)

And now the fun features...
Gives lectures on scope creep
If you are a traitor clown, once you put it on, only you can remove it from yourself
If you are not a traitor clown, you're in for a world of FUN.
A non-traitor or non-clown who tries to wear it will not be able to take it off (they will need someone else to help them), and will suffer from:
    accumulating burn damage
    confused movement
    minor brain damage
    occasional stuns and slows
    uncontrollable laughing
The burn damage is lethal over time, but nothing to worry about if you can find someone to help you.

Evil clowns(only) can quickly slap the mask onto any unsuspecting downed victim by using it on them targeting the head while not on help intent. Slip a person in combat and slap your mask onto them to gain the upper hand. (Just don't let them run off with it)

Proposed cost: 5 tc (feel free to change this, as always)

Pull request

I see this as primarily a utility/defense item with the ability to be used in combat in a pinch at the risk of your opponent escaping with it.
Most of this came about as a result of an over-engineered anti-theft mechanism, and I'm really not sure about the pricing of this. Its uses are fairly limited, but in a few specific cases it could be extremely good.

Any thoughts?
As a wise man once said, delightfully devillish Seymour.
Love it!

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