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Ban appeal for polivilas banned by Emarl(?)
My Discord Username: 2027#2027 (Was Microsoft NaCl at time of ban)

Date and time of the ban: 2019/05/23-24

Who banned me: Emarl, apparently.

Message given in the kick, if present: Nada. `chatban reason was extensive annoyance with your behavior`

Summary of events leading up to the ban: The days leading up to the ban I was quite passive-aggressive, and I posted a music video that had some gross associations (but that wasn't the intent of it, and I apologize for it), and that was the straw that broke the camels back, woke up to find myself banned without any notice.

Why I should be unbanned: I have learned my lession and I would want to contribute in a positive way to the community. Having a direct line of communication with players would help me get feedback about my behavior faster, and allow me to contribute in a positive way by helping out other players, sharing knowledge and such. In addition to that, I would also like to participate in the Town Hall event.
Hello? Anyone here? Would be nice to make it into the townhall smile
Hi, thanks for the appeal. The admin team has voted to lift your Discord ban on certain conditions.

We've agreed to unban you for the duration of the townhall, and depending on your behavior there and in the Discord in general, we'll decide whether to keep your ban lifted or to reapply it. Given the circumstances leading up to your Discord ban, please understand that you're still on very thin ice. Please do your best to be pleasant and considerate and to not engage in bad faith behavior or arguments. If an admin asks you to stop doing something, please listen to them. Otherwise, we'll have to re-ban you. If this sounds okay to you, please respond with an affirmative.
Works for me 👍
I appreciate your understanding. I've unbanned you from Discord now, let me know if you have issues joining.

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