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Awfulworldkid Discord Ban Appeal
My IRC/Discord Username: awfulworldkid#7175 (i think? it was a very long time ago)
Date and time of the ban: November 2018
Who banned me: SpyGuy
Message given in the kick, if present: No message, but i was banned for doxxing and harrassment.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I was complaining about something that happened in real life, and I doxxed someone I knew and didn't like IRL. I had also been pretty terrible to the admins in the days and weeks leading up to the event.
Why I should be unbanned: It was a long time ago, I've learned a lot, and I understand that doxxing is always wrong, no matter who it is. I've also reconsidered my position on Goonstation since I got banned, and I know I can be nicer to the admins than I was back then. I've been somewhat active in the Solarium discord and another related server ever since, and you can look to the people there as character references. I'm sorry for the way I acted back then, and I hope I can be allowed back into the Goonstation discord.
Hi, thanks for the appeal. The admin team has voted to lift your Discord ban. Just to confirm, the account that's banned from our Discord server is awfulworldkid#4334; this is the one you want lifted, correct?
This is correct! Thank you.

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