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Motives discussion + feedback
Use this thread to discuss motives on the RP server and provide feedback.
Bathtubs I don't help with the hygiene motive I think (but they do help with hunger and thirst).

Flourish edit: See my reply.
Peeled bananas do not give sustenance. Also, going over the cap of the amount of water you have in your body makes you have to pee every three minutes, perhaps not a bug but still pretty annoying if you don't want to pee your pants.

Flourish edit: Fixed bananas. Will look into the second report later.
A couple weeks ago I was permastunned from lack of sleep until admin intervention reset the motive.
I think various kitchen meals don't provide any food, but I'll have to note the specifics.

Flourish edit: Fixed the sleep bug, probably. Please do note which foods don't raise your hunger motive!
Been a day or 2 since I checked this, but, (heated) Donk Pockets dont fulfill the hunger motive at all.

Edit: I just drank a full cup of tea from teh vending machine, it did not increase thirst either.

Flourish edit: Donk pockets should raise your hunger motive, but the increase isn't very noticeable for something that's supposed to be (presumably?) so delicious. So I've boosted their numbers a little bit, let me know how that feels. Tea should also be fixed (numbers might need adjusting).
I don't remember 100%, but either Hot Chocolate or Coffee does nothing for thirst.

Flourish edit: Fixed. Numbers might still need adjusting.
Apologies but I am no longer will be working on this as I am no longer part of the Goon team. Maybe someone else will.
sad greater domestic space-bee
I'm going to miss you.
Can I still yell at you though?

In seriousness though, thanks for everything.  Appreciate the care you put into the game.
The community will never forget you, our greatest nemesis
I'm sorry it turned it out this way; I wish you all the best on your future endeavors! So long and thanks for all the fish!
I'll miss Azungar too. I hope he'll be able to come back, but for now, I'll be taking over things related to motives (and also Manta). 

Here's the rundown:
  • A bunch of values for various foods and drinks probably still need their values adjusted. Please point out specific items if they do nothing for their respective motive.
  • Would you prefer having your thirst motive increase when you ingest reagents (feels a lot more responsive) or on mob life (slower and more gradual increase; what's currently being done)?
  • Sinks should be fixed. You can still sorta spam them, so let me know if they still feel too "easy" in terms of increasing hygiene.
  • How would you prefer bathtubs to work? Should they raise your hygiene regardless of what reagents are in the bath?
  • I've probably fixed the sleep-stun bug. How does everything feel regarding that? 
Wait, that was a bug?

It seemed reasonable, since people usually don't just jump out of bed the second they're up.
1) increase on ingest
2) would make more sense of different reagents affected cleanness differently EG Water and space cleaner doing a good job while vomit, piss, compost and other stuff being on the opposite spectrum. Also, I don't know whether or not being hit by a spray bottle affects your cleanness. Would be good if it does.

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