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[Feature] better colour skin rewards for captain
so you know how the reward for a medal that gives u a captain skin kinda... only has 1 jumpsuit thing? and have you ever seen that red captain hat trinket? well... i think that its high time that our beloved (and not so beloved) captains got some more clothing that pushes their bloated egos to bounds previously thought unreachable...

what it adds:
this makes it so that all the cap exclusive jumpsuits (stock jumpsuit, stock jumpskirt, captain suit, captain dress, fancy suit) are available in blue now, plus all the stuff already avaliable. 
all the same jumpsuits (except for the fancy jumpsuit, sorry, it was too messy visually), plus the captain armour, spacesuit and hat are available in red. 
red cap clothes are tied to a different medal now (what it is is subject to change rn, havent settled on anything)

no video or anything this time around, since its literally just sprites
heres an example: 
[Image: 6Vb1UaR.png]

folder of dmis (all icon states pre-worked out, just move them to their respective dmis, key here)
compare link
More fashion is always welcome. Here's hoping this makes it in.
Merged, with the red suit reserved for future use.

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