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Goonstation Monthly Contest: February Edition!
Welcome to February everyone! 

In order to revitalize the economy and prevent spacemen from hoarding all their precious spacebux, for this month's contest, we'd like to invite you to suggest more spacebux rewards. To make a submission, please fill out the simple form below. 

Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu):
Reward cost:

And, like, that's it! You're done! 

Extremely silly or unreasonable submissions will be disqualified, so please don't suggest things like bringing poo back for one million spacebux. Voting again is as usual. Instead of three winners, though, we'll have five. And every winner will not only receive the usual sticker + medal, but also have their reward suggestion guaranteed to be added ingame, and 100k spacebux!

If you think this contest is particularly cool or good, please thank Firebarrage, as he suggested this month's theme. Please also thank everyone who voted for it in our very unofficial "what should February's contest be" Discord poll! If you have any ideas or suggestions yourself, please reach out on Discord and let us know! 

Q: Can I suggest rewards involving new items/mechanics (things that are not in the codebase)?
A: Yes, but only if you provide the necessary assets (sprites + sounds). If your submission requires a significant amount of code (e.g. more than like 30 minutes) then you should submit some code for your idea. This should take the form of a proc of the form "proc/my_bux_reward(var/mob/M)" that transforms the mob M according to your idea. If you don't know how to code or how long your idea would take feel free to ask around in #imcoder. Keep in mind though that this doesn't guarantee your suggestion being added to the game (unless you win!). 

Q: How many suggestions can I make?
A: As many as you want. All your suggestions will be considered. However, only one will go to the voting phase for a shot at prizes, so please make it clear which one that is. If you don't, I'll just choose one using my own discretion.

Q: What makes a good spacebux purchase suggestion?
A: Something that adds flavor and fun to the game, but doesn't have a huge effect on how the round will play out or give the purchaser too much of an advantage over other players at roundstart. So, while a lunchbox of nutritious food is okay, a pack of stims isn't.
Reward name: Dabbing License
Reward cost: 2k
Reward: You can dab as a non-traitor/captain/secoff, with all the risks that come with it.
Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Aquatic
Reward cost: 10,000 spacebux. Purely because of the advantage of "breathing underwater" and "moving through liquids faster" provides.
Reward: Start with aquatic genetics. Perhaps with a recolourable sprite, much like the lizards, that changes based on haircolour? I know it says to provide your own sprites, but I have no idea where to even begin regarding this and figured I would throw it in anyway.

Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Melanin Eraser/Stimulator/Suppressor
Reward cost: 2500 spacebux.
Reward: These three would give you the option to select these appearance changing mutations on round start. I would like to see them used a little more, and I think the spacebux menu would definitely promote that.
Reward name: :beethink: emote
Reward cost: 10k ish
Reward: a Smug esque thing. where you get to use the :beethink: emote from the goonstation discord. ideally it would be multiuse on a 1-3ish minute cooldown
this one:
[Image: 609589563676950529.png?v=1]
Reward name: Spacebux Giveaway
Reward cost: 1000 Spacebux
Reward: At the end of the round, 1000 spacebux is added to whoever made the least amount of Spacebux that round. Clowns are exempt from this.
This is loosley based on a mechanic that I only saw mention of on another server so IDK anything else about it so IDK how much Im unintentionally ripping someone off but

Reward Name : Alternative Shuttle Design
Reward Cost : 10k
Reward : For only one round (this item is exempt from carrying over to other rounds) when the shuttle arrives at the end of the round, it's different from that station default escape shuttle. This can be either another stations shuttle design or perhaps a wholey new design made by the admins / mappers. A little something that everyone can enjoy at someone elses cost.

Fire edit: This idea requires significant code work. Sprites and code will be required for this to be voted on.
Reward Name : Golden Tophat
Reward Cost : 10K+
Reward : You gain a Golden Tophat that stays with whoever has position of it at the end of the round, gaining extra height for every round it ends on someone's head. It cannot be placed in any container and will randomly fall out of your hands if you don't keep it on your head. In between rounds you can trade it back for a Spacebux reward determined by it's current height (Level 1=100, lvl 2 = 500, lvl 3 = 1000, lvl 4 = 5000, etc.). By wearing this hat you signal to all of the crew that you are robust as you are now free game so long as the hat is on your head, same as the Syndicate Hat. (Please suggest exact numbers, I forget how much a spacebuck is actually worth)

Flour edit: This idea requires significant code work. Code will be required for this to be voted on.
Reward name: Parallel Fashionverse
Reward cost: A lot (15k+ maybe?)
Reward: EVERYONE starts with alternate jumpsuits this round, unless otherwise overridden.

Reward name: Party Fruit Tray
Reward cost: 1500
Reward: A little round plastic bin that contains seven different pieces of fruit (random or not is at your discretion).

Reward name: Venture Jumpsuit
Reward cost: 1200
Reward: Snazzy black one-piece jumpsuit with a departmental colored stripe across the arms and upper chest. (I already have this sprited and have wanted to see it ingame in some capacity for a bit now, but I'm not sure it's the best of my ideas here.)

Reward name: Executive Throne
Reward cost: 6600
Reward: Draggable / anchorable comfy chair with gold trim and an emblem on the back. If your round start puts you in a chair other than a shuttle chair, this replaces that chair.

Reward name: Saxophone
Reward cost: 600
Reward: Just a saxophone. The world could always use more sax.
Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Sunhat
Reward cost: 500
Reward: A sunhat of a random colour!

Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Cursed Speech
Reward cost: 50000
Reward: Gives you reinforced OwO speech mutation
Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Uniform - Shorts Version
Reward cost: 1000
Reward: Spawn wearing an alternate version of your job's associated jumpsuit that has shorter pant legs. Gannets has sprited these
Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Nostalgia
Reward cost: 1500 spacebux
Reward: Gives you the "Homo Nostalgius" skin, making you into a hideous EXADV1 spaceman.

This skin isn't obtainable currently outside of admin shenanigans, and having it available as a spacebux purchase would rule.
Reward Name: Bees?
Reward Cost: 5000 spacebux (definitely not decided, idk the value of spacebux)
Reward: Gives the player 1-3 bee eggs on roundstart

Fire edit: You do know bee egg is already a spacebux reward, right?
Reward name (as displayed in the purchase menu): Void-Touched
Reward cost: 9666 spacebux
Reward: Gives you the same mutation the Obsidian Crown has, and, if it'd not be terribly hard for me to sprite, a pulsing purple corruption to your skin under it.

Costs so much, because seeing it too much would be absurdly annoying after a while, but, once in a while is fiiiiine, plus sinner memes, who doesn't love em?

Flour edit: This idea requires significant code work. Code will be required for this to be voted on.
(02-04-2020, 04:54 PM)NateTheSquid Wrote: Reward Name: Bees?
Reward Cost: 5000 spacebux (definitely not decided, idk the value of spacebux)
Reward: Gives the player 1-3 bee eggs on roundstart

So like a bulk version of the 1 bee egg?
(This first one is the one I would like to enter in for the voting)
Reward name: "BioToy" Capsule Packet
Reward cost: 875
Reward: 'BioToys' Sponge Capsule Packet

Just a simple fun item I think a lot of people could have fun with. Maybe make it spawn only beneficial and benign pets. Or leave it in as is for a small chance at chaos

Reward name: Spaceball
Reward cost: 1500
Reward: Both a basket ball and a baseball bat

The idea of this one is an easy set up for playing a form of baseball. It also works for just getting a bat or basketball at round start if you wanted one. fun for catch or what have you

Reward name: Bee Bomb(or Beeboom)
Reward cost:3500
Reward: A grenade not that much unlike The wasp grenade but instead of spawning a few wasps it spawns harmless cute bees (using the same grenade sprite to scare people)

If that isn't hard to code then I think that could be cool.

Reward name: Water balloons
Reward cost: 850
Reward: Water balloons

I feel like this fits in with the toy sword were it just aids in messing with people.

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