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Dimshift empowered effect + chem
this was based off of an earlier forum post:

i coded an empowered effect for dimension shift.
it essentially sends you to a pocket dimension.
space is compressed in the dimension (aka. move three tiles left in it move 9 in the real world)
compression is customizable with a var
you can bring people in and out of this dimension with an aggressive grab. you cant get stranded as the pocket dimension is layered with void portals on the edges.
(pocket dim starting x and y are custom)
note to coders: if you want to change the compression factor make sure you recreate the dimension pocket. 
for example: a compression factor of 3 means you need a pocket dimension of 300 / 3 = 100 ergo 101x101 (added 1 to account for walls)
At the request of a admin in order to give this place more use (i forgot who though), i added a chem which sends you to the pocket dim for the duration its in you. it deals light tox while it is in you. there are also light and severe od effects (severe triggers when double the "light" od value)
demonstration video: (name was a joke when this was recorded has a proper name now)

compare link:
(ignore that its called a "rework")
ported to 2020 code
compare link:

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