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Minor DWAINE-operated devices don't auto-connect to mainframes on most maps
I've noticed this happen with most DWAINE-operated devices on maps that aren't Cog1. The artlab computer for instance.

Given what I've seen in the terminals at roundstart, it seems that there's a static address that they always try to connect to, without accounting for the possibility that the mainframe will have a different address in a different map. The problem with this is that this only works on the maps where that happens to be the case based on where the mainframe is placed relative to all other devices with an address. So what instead ends up happening is that the devices try to connect to an address that either isn't there, or connects to a different device altogether!

This can be pretty confusing and frustrating for people who don't know DWAINE and just want to do stuff like artifact research, and just annoying for those who do.

An easy (and maybe cheesy) fix for this would be to give the PNET mainframe a static address exclusively for itself that no other device can have.

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