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Minor Mechanic's PDA sometimes doesn't scan
I noticed that sometimes the Mechanic's PDA doesn't scan items, so you have to scan it multiple times.
This only occurs on space maps, so not on Oshan or Manta.

Today I read some of the code in the 2016 release, and found what is causing this.
When an item is scanned, a random ruckingenur kit is selected where the scan is sent to:
But the ruckingenur kit will only insert the item into the database if it has power:

On space maps, there is one unpowered ruckingenur kit on Bradbury II:,110,3;z=2
If this ruckingenur kit is selected, the item is not scanned.
This results in a 75% success chance to scan something with your PDA.
(I know about 4 ruckingenur kits: Station, Tech outpost, Bradbury II, and one in the adventure zone)

Suggested fix: Only select ruckingenur kits that are powered.

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