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[NSS Manta Storyline Pt. II] The retaliation
It has been a couple of weeks since the expedition and thanks to the efforts of the explorers, visual proof (and a few rather interesting interviews, thanks for those guys!) have reached Nanotrasen. The information was taken rather seriously at first, to the point where the discovered location was nuked to prevent anyone else ever stumbling upon it, destroying whatever else it hid away. Decision was made to attempt to downplay the severity of the situation, that the situation is really not as severe as your information might dictate it to be. And as such, life went on aboard NSS Manta, until that fateful day.. 

A sharp whistle can be heard blaring across all of the Manta intercoms and then a quick announcement made by the captain "General quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle stations!" A horde of hurrying assistants can be seen flocking to find the nearest extinguisher and if you just happen to pass genetics, you might see that they are not affected at all by the loud sirens and the red flashing lights that are going off in each hallway. Information is sparse as to what is exactly going on and the only certain thing is that NSS Manta is under attack and you need to do your best to maintain the order and clear vision that such event requires. This time, things might be slightly more different then what you are used to. 

Alrighty, so we are onto part 2. Sorry for being so slow with the write-up on the last event but I guess it's better to be late then never..? Either way, this will be held on Saturday 11th at 22:00 UTC time. 

This time around, I am actually looking for FIVE individuals who would be interested in playing either as actors (new characters) or existing ones who might be interested in playing as an antagonist. Feel free to drop me a PM on Discord if you wish to apply for such a position (just please be rather sure that you'd be able to attend) or leave a message here in this thread.

I'd also like to extend an offer for something more.. unique. I am offering one fellow spaceman to become part of living space station history (or at least, on Manta), the person has to be "relatively" known in the community/roleplaying community as I don't wish to make a random new character into something historically important. This person will be granted an unique chance to affect the map in a way that will, well, change it forever. The only catch is that after the event is done, your character is dead or gone forever (depending on how things go). If this is something that you think you might be interested in, PM me on Discord so we can discuss more. Oh, and be 100 % sure that you will be able to attend.

I'll look forward to seeing most of you on Saturday.
Hello! That time frame will work well for me this time. Im more active on Goon2 with Sam Eagle, but would love to participate and stretch my RP muscles. With that said if it would be better for me to create a new character for this thats fine, Ill ping you on Discord as well.

Because I forgot to turn off mentorhelps, I've made the video unlisted. The link can be found here, in a discord channel only accessible by mentors.

Told from the perspective of a Syndicate Sleeper Agent, Sergio Burkett.
Having died prior to boarding the shuttle, Ryan had to be cloned back at Central Command in order to receive an interview, Transcript enclosed.
Lt. ###### Wrote:So, Ryan, What was it like in the start?
Ryan Yeets Wrote:Well, I woke up atop a toilet, I don't recall how I got there, but I remember arriving on Manta a few hours prior to attack.
Anyway, when I woke up, everything was wreaked, damage everywhere and low oxygen, eventually the hole in the bar was sealed and air restored..not long after that some crates we had to guard arrived. Unfortunately, two such crates were quickly claimed by some Syndicate Saboteurs, eventually we only had one or two, one of them left In Robotics.
Lt. ###### Wrote:And what did you do with that crate?
Ryan Yeets Wrote:Ah, well, I stood guard infront of it with some of the medbay staff and had a little talk about...things...not long after that talk something happened to the ship and it suddenly looked like what we saw a few weeks ago at
Eventually we got the announcement of the damage to Nuclear Dawn was in Distress. Me and several others quickly set off to rescue the crew, however they made it onboard unassisted quite quickly.
Lt. ###### Wrote:Well, what happened after that?
Ryan Yeets Wrote:Ah, I moved one of the Agents who was in shock and unconscious to medbay, once the shuttle arrived we moved him there. Sadly he was gunned down by hostile robots thus meaning we would be unable to extract any Intel from him. We destroyed most of the robots yet more came, the last thing I recall seeing is picking up a toolbox and running towards one of the robots...
Lt. ###### Wrote:Thank you, we've got enough for now. You're free to g-
Ryan Yeets Wrote:Oh and uhm...can I say one last thing for anyone listening to this tape?
Lt. ###### Wrote:Go ahead, Yeets.
Ryan Yeets Wrote:We.....we won't forget you, Emily..its always sad when we lose a member of our crew...may she rest in pea-
Lt. ###### Wrote:That's enough, we're out of tape, get moving...
After cross-referencing stories between surviving crew members, it was unavoidable that Sergio "Buckethehad" Burkett was outed as a Sleeper Agent for the Syndicate. The following transcript is his interview with a Nanotrasen Official.

Sergio Burkett Wrote:[Recording begins] Now I know what you're gonna say-
Lt. ###### Wrote:You're on thin ice, Sergio. Stealing extremely valuable supplies for the Syndicate? Assault and attempted murder of an NTSO? You're lucky you're still breathing.
Sergio Burkett Wrote:Hey, I had no idea that I was working for the Syndicate until that day! And even then, the compulsion I felt to obey their orders is gone now!
Lt. ###### Wrote:Is that so? [He puts his hand to his earpiece] Then how do you explain your expertise in laying low, evading arrest, and breaking into places you don't belong?
Sergio Burkett Wrote:You'd be surprised at how much a Janitor picks up on those things. [Pause] I've had a lot of time to practice sneaking around, especially when unsavory individuals are on the station.
Lt. ###### Wrote:I see. Our records indicate that you were transferred from the position of Janitor to Medical Doctor following the incident at Oshan Laboratory, after you saved several lives from the lava at the strange ruin.
Sergio Burkett Wrote:That's right. I know medicine better than any of those lousy excuses for surgeons.
Lt. ###### Wrote:They're highly trained professionals, you know. [Sound of shuffling papers] And we're starting to get off topic. Back to the incident at the NSS Manta. Why did you attempt to murder our NTSO, Emily Claire, after you had previously saved her life in the Oshan Expedition?
Sergio Burkett Wrote:I honestly don't have a better reason than "I felt like I had to." Though after I had escaped arrest, and wandered around a bit more, the drive I felt to hurt others sort of... left.
Lt. ###### Wrote:During a search of your possessions, we came across a private PDA message that you had sent to Emily Claire when she detonated the nuclear charge. I'm going to play it, just so it's on the interview transcript.
Sergio Burkett Wrote:All right.
Quote:Sergio Burkett (PDA Recording)

Hey Emily. Sorry about that earlier, orders was orders. But you know, there's a sort of respect I have for ya. And I hope that you'll understand why I tried to do what I did. Now blow it all to kingdom come.
Quote:Lt. ######

[He looks away, speaking into his headset] Mhm. [Pause] Yes. [Pause]
Quote:Sergio Burkett

So, are you done talki-
Quote:Lt. ######

We've come to the conclusion that you're now completely free of any brainwashing. We'll still need to conduct a few more tests, but afterwards you will be reinstated as an employee of Nanotrasen.
Quote:Sergio Burkett

What? Really? Just like that?
Quote:Lt. ######

The Syndicate have their ways to infiltrate our facilities, just as we have our ways to tell if someone's still loyal to them. I'll be escorting you to one of our neuroscientists for the tests; after those are concluded we'll put you on a shuttle to the NSS Clarion, where you'll be stationed for the foreseeable future.
Quote:Sergio Burkett

I'm... Well... Thank you, I gues- Hey, wait! You said that Emily got the message as she detonated the charge! At least let me know if she got to read it before she died!
Quote:Lt. ######

This interview is concluded.
Quote:Sergio Burkett

TELL M- [Recording ends]

Sadly as I am no longer part of the Goon admin team, I won't be fixing or adjusting the map in any capacity anymore. I am given Flourish the creative right to adjust and alter the map as they see fit.

The Manta storyline has effectively ended.

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