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Patch Guidelines
Hi folks!

People have asked me time and time again to make a best practices list for patches, so here it is!
I'll be posting this over in the GitHub for 2016 as well.


For maps, please follow these guidelines as well as any stated below:

For new maps, it's best to give us the whole .dmm and any sprites you added.

For addons to existing maps, it's best to have just the area(s) you modified in the .dmm with notes in your post on where to put them. This prevents us from having to search the entire map to see what you changed.


For adding new sprites for a new game mechanic/map, it's best to put them in a separate .dmi file if they're quite different from anything else.

For adding to an existing game feature, such as adding a new plant, there's two ways to go about it. If you only changed a few .dmis, you could create a singular .dmi with your icons and notate where each one goes in your patch notes. If you changed many .dmis, I recommend to submit a .dmi file with the same name of the .dmi files you are adding to with just your additions contained within. For example, if you are modifying foo.dmi and adding a picture of a potato, you would attach a .dmi file named 'foo.dmi' containing just the potato picture. Feel free to keep the full modified .dmi in the compare, it doesn't matter.


For code, it's best to just post a GitHub compare link between the 2016 master branch and a feature branch on your fork. You can also just link to a pull request on the 2016 repo, as that's intrinsically a compare.

If you are addressing bugs, please restrict yourself to one/similar bugs being fixed per patch. It's hard to keep track of a patch that has 20 things being changed.

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